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Friday 15th November 2013

Last week and this week we...

  • focused on the sounds o,c,k, and ck - (made octopuses and enjoyed some cooking)
  • read the story 'Harry & the bucketful of dinosaurs'
  • made models of dinosaurs using different materials
  • cooked dinosaur biscuits
  • looked after a dinosaur for a day, feeding it keeping it warm etc

Emerald Class

As our interest in dinosaurs grows, so too does our knowledge. Soon we will be fully-fledged paleotologists!

This week we have learnt how to identify plant-eating dinosaurs (or herbivores) by looking at the size of their skulls and their teeth. We have also learnt that many herbivorous dinosaurs had spikes, bony plates, club tails, horns and many more interesting body parts which they used to defend themselves from predators or meat-eaters.

Like Harry (from the story 'Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs') we have looked after a variety of dinosaurs (in buckets!) in small groups. Usually we are not allowed to take toys into the playground or to our Specialist lessons, but this week we have had special permission to take our dinosaurs everywhere! They have even lunched with us! In groups, we have had to discuss what our dinosaur might eat, where it might sleep and think of activities it might like to do.

We have continued with measuring in maths and our painted dinosaurs (the ones that are the same height as us) are now on display in our class.

Amethyst Class

The children are really starting to love the topic. Lots of children have brought in dinosaur books, cards and other bits from home. We are happy to show things (if they are topic-related).

We read 'Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs' this week. The children decorated their own buckets and then we baked dinosaur biscuits to put inside the buckets. Delicious!

On Wednesday, the children worked together in small groups and looked after a dinosaur for the day. Their dinosaur stayed with the children for snack and lunchtime and all through the playtimes. It was lovely to see such imaginative ideas being explored.

This week's Mystery Reader was Alison Lochhead, Eloise's mum. The children listened to a story about a small dinosaur. Thanks for a lovely topic-related story.

Below you can see photos of the children playing a dinosaur game. The children had to add pieces to make the longest neck.... Can you see who our winners were?

Next week we will:

  • read some high frequency words the, to, no, go and I - (these are words which cannot and must not be sounded out)
  • continue with activities based on the story 'Harry & the bucketful of dinosaurs'
  • continue with our dinosaur models
  • pretend to be different dinosaurs (bi-peds, quadrupeds, etc)
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Please can you remember to bring your reading folders into school on the given days so that we can change your child's book and read with them. Thank you.

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