Civitan Farmers Market - Dorval & N. Service Road

It's OPEN DAY ...

Along with our amazing verified ORGANIC body care products we will also be offering FREE Chair Massage to help you relax after a hectic week!

ENFLEURAGE ORGANICS is at the market this Saturday and most Saturdays this summer and we've added some new FEATURES for market shoppers.

As well as our FREE Chair Massage (this Saturday ONLY) - we are adding SMOOTHIES! That's right! We'll be making green smoothies right there on the spot. What a healthy way to wend your way around our local farm market...sipping on organic fruits and veggies all zipped up into a yummy drink!

ENFLEURAGE ORGANICS, has the first verified organic soaps by EcoCert in Ontario but we've increased our line of organic offerings and now have something special for those of you who suffer from dry skin as well as something EXTRA SPECIAL for expectant MOMS...SMOOTH Belly Butter. You'll just love how it feels. Drop by to sample our Argan oil as well as other organic products we produce right here in OAKVILLE!