-Why this place is amazing-


Orlando has a lot to do especially Disney. Disney has a lot to do for everyone like calm rides for kids or bigger rides for older kids. as well has a nice hotel to stay in at the park. also close by is universal for the thrill seekers which will add up to a lot to do while your there.
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There are lots of special Drinks there and lots of fish but most of the food is the same as it is here. be ready for fish fish fish. Make sure you like sea food before going.


"There will be a riot when its cold"-mom

"We Have to go now!!"-Sisters

"Fun in the sun, Non-stop"-grandparents


Miami has a lot to do if your older like viewing all of the city streets or going to Miami beach. Miami hotels also is close to the beach where you could rent one over looking the beach to have a great time. or you could go to a Miami heat game.