Toddler Taming

Creating toys for a toddler aged 3-5 years old

Feed the dog!

This is a very creative toy for children from the aged of 3-5 years old, this kind of play is cognitive play it helps the child use their mind to feed the dog with different shape and colors add to it, make them tell the name and color of the shape if they get it right it they can feed the dog with it. This is the age where kids uses their mind to think what they're doing and how they can do it carefully without making a mistake. It's a good development toy for kids to use their mind and language skills while playing the toy.

How many people can play this toy?

It's more suitable for individual kid to play with this toy. It helps kid to develop their language and mind into playing this game so it's better to play it alone then invite other kids into playing.

Materials and methods



-colouring pens

-medium size box

-black permanent maker

-foam cups



1. I get a medium size box draw a shape of a dog face and the features of the dog with a black permanent maker.

2. When i finish drawing the dog face, i get a scissors cut the shape of the mouth.

3. Then i get foam cups draw different kind of shapes then cut it out.

4. After cutting the shape out i coloured each shape with different kind of colours.

5. Finally after cutting and colouring in the shape it's ready for feeding the dog through the mouth.

How can it help a child develop their mind and language?

Create a toy that it is relates to cognitive play which can help the child interest in playing and learning. Children usually like colourful and catchy looking stuff example like cartoons or something that actually catch their eyes into it. Then tell the name of the product repeat it several times for the child actually remember.