Mrs. McCann's Newsletter

Room 146

We have completed two months of school! The time seems to be flying by!

Grade Assignments:

Please check with your child about graded assignments. I place graded work in their classroom mailboxes at least once a week. Also, I will begin adding these assignments into Campus. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Weekly Word Study:

Students will receive word study word each week, unless we have a three day week. The words are centered around Greek and Latin roots. The students will have no more than 10 - 15 words a week. We will test at the end of each week on the spelling of the word and the word meaning. Please check with your child to make sure they are studying.


We will move slowly with including iPads into our daily instructions. We must spend this time to develop and practice classroom procedures and protocols. The iPads will be used as learning tools in the classroom. Therefore, there are a few protocols for the use of the iPads.

  • iPads should only included educational apps, which will be discuss and download in class.
  • no gaming apps


November 20th - Word Study Test

November 26th and 27th - Thanksgiving Break