Black Scoter

Melanitta Nigra Americana

Description of the Black Scoter

The Black Scoter is the most vocal of water fowl species. It is a stocky diving duck.

Male is entirely black except for a yellow part on the base of the bill and a gray lower surface of the flight feather. Length average is 19.7" and average weight is 2.5 lbs. The male's side and flank feathers are long and pointed. Their eyelids are yellow.

Female is dark sooty brown with light whitish cheeks, chin and throat which contrasts with a dark crown. Average length is 18.5" and average weight 2.2 lbs

Both have a brown iris.

Migrating and Wintering

Majoring wintering areas for black scoters include the Pacific coast, from the Pribilof and Aleutian Islands to southern California; the Great Lakes and the Atlantic coast, from Newfoundland to South Carolina.

This is a video of black scoters showing off and trying to attract a mate.

Black Scoters Courting

This is a video of black scoters starting to migrate.

Black Scoter's - migration

Created By Austin Terraciano aka Robin