Missouri Music Notes

April 2019

President's Message

I hope you are enjoying the spring temperatures and all the budding trees and flowers. As flora comes to life, we start preparing for the end of our year. There a lot of exciting things coming up. National Music Week is at the beginning of May. Then, we celebrate our 101st state convention in Cape Girardeau. (Please note the convention hotel is almost full for Friday night - don't wait!) June is the NFMC National Convention in Jacksonville. July is Federation Days at Opera in the Ozarks in Eureka Springs. So as your local club takes a break, we'd love to see you at the state, regional and national events. Be sure to check out all the details in this newsletter. I hope to see you soon!

~MFMC President Julie

National Music Week

National Music Week is celebrated each year during the first full week in May (the first Sunday through the second Sunday.) The purpose of this observance is to focus attention on the value and enjoyment of MUSIC throughout our nation. What better time to schedule concerts, recitals, and special presentations? You can ask your local mayor for a proclamation. I've already requested one from our governor. They have a sample request on the national website. To be ELIGIBLE for awards, you must mention the National Federation of Music Clubs and National Music Week in the program of your event. Complete the Report and Entry Form (AR 12-1) and mail/email to Dianna Lemaire. The deadline is May 31st.

MFMC State Convention - May 17-18, 2019

You are in for a treat! We have 2 student/collegiate winners and the Most Musical family providing musical moments. As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we will have Young Artist Natalie Conte, vocalist, for our Friday night concert. Mary Sallee will show case her music and give a workshop on teaching Jazz and Rags for the Junior Track. Jerry Ford, head of the Jerry Ford Orchestra and 2017 Missouri Arts Award recipient, will give a small history on SEMO's river campus and Vincentians as well as discuss his book Dreamers, about southeast Missourians that made it to the big time for the Senior Track.

You will want to be sure to register ahead as we'll need to send you a parking pass.

We have had to release our block of rooms at Auburn Place for $79/night. You may still be able to get a room - based on availability. I have heard Friday is almost full. Please call 573-651-4486 and ask for the MFMC Group rate. Rates include breakfast.

Hope to see you there!

Bylaws revisions and Code of Ethics up for vote at convention

Bylaw and Standing Rules Revisions

Words in "//" are additions or corrections. "--" denotes deletion.


Article III, Section 7, B. Forfeiture. If dues are not received by /November 1/ --January 1--, a member shall be considered delinquent and shall be so notified. Any member whose dues are in arrears for more than a year shall be considered to have forfeited membership and shall be dropped from the rolls.

Article XII, Section 2. All dues are payable on or before the first of /November/ --December--, and clubs will be considered delinquent thereafter.


1. Active Membership Dues.

a) Organization Members. Senior Clubs and organizations federated as active members shall pay annual dues of /$9.00/--$6.00-- per capita, on all classes of membership, minimum $/90.00/--60.00--.


1. Active Membership Dues.

a) Organization members. Student/Collegiate Organizations actively federated /with 80 members or less/ shall pay annual dues at the rate of$/1.25/--1.00-- per capita on all classes of members, with a minimum of $/25.00/--20.00 plus Music Clubs Magazine subscription--.


1. Active Membership Dues.

a) Organization Members. Junior Organizations actively federated shall pay annual dues at the rate of $/1.40/--1.00-- per capita on all classes of membership with a minimum of $/28.00/--20.00--. This shall include a one year subscription to Junior Keynotes for the counselor. Additional teachers in the same organization must also subscribe to Junior Keynotes /for $6 each./

2. Associate Membership Dues. Associate Junior Organizations shall pay dues of $20.00. /High Schools with over 80 Members shall pay annual dues of $100.00./


1. Music Service in the Community: Choral Music; Sacred Music; /Together We Sing/--Hymn of the Month--; Crusade for Strings; Chamber Music; Orchestras; Music Outreach; National Music Week; Most Musical Family; Citations.

7. Junior Festivals.

a) The State fee for Festivals is /$1.00/--sixty cents ($.60)-- per individual entry in addition to the NFMC fee as shown on the NFMC form, /with forty cents ($.40) to be used for Junior Awards./

8. Awards & Competitions

d) For support of IPFAC State Award Program, clubs use as a guideline /a/--as-- minimum contribution of /$1.00/--fifty ($.50)-- per member.

13.State Convention,

Add c) and renumber: Each club will be assessed $45.00 per Senior Club for State Convention and Fall Board to send Delegate, whether or not they attend.

Code of Ethics

It is the desire of the Missouri Federation of Music clubs to uphold the honor and dignity of the music profession by working with musicians and music educators in the State of Missouri to:

1. Recognize, support and promote American music and American artists.

2. Encourage music education and raise the standard of teaching.

3. Promote a better appreciation of the music profession by the public.

We, the members of the Missouri Federation of Music Clubs, hereby adopt this Code of Ethics.

1. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a fashion which will reflect credit upon the MFMC, maintaining the highest standard of professional conduct and personal integrity.

2. Members shall respect the reputation of colleagues and shall refrain from making false or malicious statements about colleagues. Members shall be generous in their behavior towards their colleagues, taking care to give credit where credit is due in all matters pertaining to the profession.

3. Members shall abide by the spirit as well as the letter of all rules and regulations of events sponsored by the MFMC. In particular, they shall be vigilant in guarding against conflicts of interests in competitive events.

4. Members shall be truthful in all promotion and advertising. The terms of their arrangements with performing musicians shall be made clearly in advance. The terms of their arrangements with students shall be communicated clearly in advance.

5. Members shall respect a student’s right to obtain instruction from the teacher of his or her choice.

Slate of officers

State President: Connie Craig

1st V President: Annette Mayhew

2nd V President: Marschnee Strong

Treasurer: Duane Langley

Recording Secretary: Marlana Strasburg

Corresponding Secretary: Patti Grimmett

Chaplain: Judy Shaw

Parliamentarian: Donna Kinslow

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Missouri winners of the regional Junior Composers contest

Class II: (ages 10-12)

Keith Bass for "The Moonlight Waltz", student of Judy Wingate

Class III: (ages 13-15)

Brandon Kim for "Diabolical Dances", student of Ayako Tsuruta

Class IV: (ages 16-18)

Olivia Bennett for "Imagination", student of Carlyle Sharpe

Madeline Stoces for "The Queen's Tale", student of Jennifer Harkey

Congratulations! Good luck at Nationals!

Missouri finishes 2nd in the Marilyn Caldwell Piano Award

Marilyn has reported that we had 3 entries from Missouri, and one got 2nd place of $500. Congratulations to Henry Huang, student of Peter Miyamoto!
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Upcoming Award Deadlines

May 1st

$2,250 NFMC Lucile Parrish Ward Veterans Award

$2,000 The Anne Gannett Award for Veterans

$1,750 NFMC Dr. Ouida Keck Professional Development Award

$1,000 NFMC U.S. Armed Forces American Music Award

$1,000 Lana M. Bailey Piano Concerto Award

$400 NFMC Dance Award (Jazz, Lyrical or Tap)

May 15th

$300 NFMC American Music Club Award

$250 American Music NFMC Junior Club Award

$100 American Women Composer Club Awards

$100 NFMC Just JAZZ! Club Awards

Report Deadlines

May 1st

Chapter Past President's Assembly to Anita Blackmon

Radio/Television/Newspaper/Internet Report to Marlana Strasburg

May 15th

NFMC American Music Reports go to Region chair, Carla Johnson. NFMC American Music Contest Entries go to Deborah Freeman

May 31st

Junior Club Rating Report to national chair, Gilda Hendricks

National Music Week to Dianne Lemaire

June 30th

Senior Club Rating Report to Annette Mayhew

NFMC Biennial Convention June 18-22

You are cordially invited to attend the 2019 NFMC Biennial Convention on June 18-22 at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront. There will be amazing concerts, enlightening workshops and opportunities to learn more about the many facets of the Federation.

The more the merrier – so bring a friend! Registration details are available on the national website (www.nfmc.org) as well as in the latest Music Clubs Magazine. We hope to see you there!

Federation Days at Opera in the Ozarks July 17-20

Federation Days are a great opportunity for a summer vacation in Eureka Springs. This season at Opera in the Ozarks will feature Mozart's The Abduction from the Seraglio, Puccini's La Boheme, and Mark Adamo's Little Women.

If you have ever attended, you will know it is three days of amazing musical talent with just a little bit of meetings. The auditorium is now air conditioned, so come and experience the talent your money is supporting!