By: Josh Bennett

Background Information

Nicaragua's capital is Managua and its major cities are Managua, León, and Masaya. Nicaragua was controlled by Spain but it gained independence on September 15th, 1821. Today it is not controlled by another country but it's official language is Spanish.

Geographical Information

My country is located in Latin America and is bordered by Honduras, Costa Rica, Carribean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean.

Political and Diplomacy Information

Nicaragua has a Republican Government and its leader is Daniel Ortega. This country is on good terms with other countries because it is a part of a trade agreement with CAFTA-DR.

Tourist Information

Tourist should go to Nicaragua to see some of their famous attractions and physical features.

Economic and Trade Information

Nicaragua's currency is Nicaraguan Córdoba and its economic system is capitalism. They import refined petroleum, crude petroleum, packaged medicament, light rubberized knitted fabric, and delivery trucks. They import them form the United States, Venezuala, China, Mexico,many Curáçao. They export coffee, gold, frozen bovine meat, raw sugar, amid knit sweaters. They export good to the United States, Venezuala, Canada, El Salvador, and Costa Rica.