What is cans made of

Cans made out of aluminum cans are called "tin cans" in also it's made out of tin plate tin coated Stell.

How is it made?

The aluminum coils arrive at the can plant and are loaded one at a time onto an uncoiled machine that unrolls the strip of aluminum at the beginning of the can making line and feeds it to the line.

What is it used for?

Cans are used for food, pop, and soup. They are also used for Metal Cans to ensure that food is unspoiled, tamper-free and maintains it's nutritional value.

What is done with it after it has been used?

You can recycle the cans and they process after collection or just take them and get money for them. Or you can just give them to people so they can recycle the cans.

What are some people are trying in order to do things differently with this product?

Well, some people will might throw them away or just recycle the cans but some people can save up their cans after they are done with them to take them to the store and get money for them.

What can I do to help improve this problem?

Well, I can just save them all up to take them to the store and get money for them or just recycle them and put it in a bag or give them to someone so they can recycle them.