1940's Music

An amazing decade for artists who made history in music.

The 1940's was very big for music!

There were different types of of music in the 1940's but there was one in particular genre of music that almost all of the popular musicians played: JAZZ. Jazz was very popular because it was a very calming type of music.

Jazz History

Jazz started to get popular in america in the late 19th century and still is pretty popular. Jazz was born in the united states, The drums came from jazz musicians, and the phrases "cool" and "hip" came from jazz!!

Some of the Most Popular Artists

Important Mile Stones of the 1940's

In 1941, Billy Strayhorns "Take a Train" became very popular.

In 1942, Frank Sinatra starts his solo career.

Music During World War 2

During World war 2, A lot of people didn't really know what was happening but the sounds of classical music mirrored this new uncertain world. After the classical music started to help out the U.S, jazz and rock started to develop in the U.S as a big time thing.
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