Chapter 16 Section 3

By: Riley Pinkerton :)

Historical Events

The silk road- A route that old timey traders traveled on. They brought over silk and good and useful resources over.

The collapse of the soviet union- This caused the central Asian republics to be independent.

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Important People

Arthur Conolly- A British officer executed in Bukhoro.
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Soviet control- The nomad population decreased as the government forced people onto collective farms.

In central Asia there is a democracy and democratic government.

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There is a large number of ethnic groups in central Asia.

Soviet form nations- When the soviets took control of this country, they used the different ethnic groups to make their own authority in the region.

Nomadic heritage- The nomads are people that have no permanent home, their always traveling. When the seasons change the people move.

Nomads live in Yurts, tents that are light and portable.

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Nuclear testing in central Asia has caused economic problems. The government is spending money on this testing and plus the people are noticing the impact that it has on the environment.

The oil industry is bringing money into the economy and is helping. There are a lot of oil fields and oil industry jobs in central Asia.