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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Summer and Family Time

As this week brings the end of beach days and mornings of sleeping in late, it is also a week to enjoy the time with family.

"Back to school" looks different this year. However, one thing is for sure: all of our routines will change as schools open, whether it is virtually or in person. Family is an essential aspect of our faith. As a family, set aside some time to pray together. Also, choose a fun activity to enjoy together!

Below is a list of some fun end-of-summer ideas your kids will probably love to try!

  • Cover your sidewalk and drive way with chalk.
  • Eat ice cream for dinner!
  • Plan a family photo shoot.
  • Create a scavenger hunt for your kids!
  • Plan a family game night. Include other families using Zoom!
  • Go on a picnic-have your children plan the food!
  • Actually go get that amazing burger/hike that pretty trail/visit that sculpture garden that you planned all summer!
  • Have a water fight
  • Make smores
  • Tie-die t-shirts

This week, plan a family activity together. Include prayer and reflection in your time together. These are the special moments your children will always remember!

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Mass Readings for Sunday, August 30: Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today's Gospel message, Jesus begins to show his disciples that He will endure suffering, be killed, and raised from the dead. Upon hearing these words, the disciples, specifically Peter, were stunned and could not believe these events were going to unfold to their friend whom they loved, Jesus.

Jesus reassures his disciples by saying,

"If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their life?"

As followers of Jesus, we need to let him lead, accepting that he will not lead us away from suffering, pain or difficulty. Taking the cross is also accepting and living with pain, suffering of any sort, and the griefs of life we can do nothing about. Instead of seeking our own benefit and gain, we allow every experience to draw us into closer relationship with Jesus, who invites us to lay our burdens on his shoulders.
Link to Mass Readings for Sunday, August 30

Translated in English and Spanish

The Gospel - Matthew 16:21-27 (22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Activities for Family

Learning about St. Peter

In recent Sunday Gospel Readings, we learn about Peter and his "great faith" as a disciple of Jesus. Peter was a fisherman and among the closest followers of Jesus. Often known as the head of the apostles, Peter is known as the "rock of the church" and was given the "keys to the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matthew 16: 13-20).

Below are facts, a video, pictures and fun kid-friendly snack recipe to learn about St. Peter and his life dedicated to Jesus and God. Share these with your children. Help them to understand that like Peter, we may question and have difficult times. However, Jesus always forgives us and this faith makes us stronger.

  • Peter came from the village of Bethsaida in Galilee and his father was a fisherman. It is believed that Peter about the same age as Jesus.
  • Peter worked the fishing nets with his father and his brother Andrew at the lakeside town of Capernaum. Andrew also joined the group of Jesus’ disciples on the same day.
  • Peter and Andrew were among the first to be chosen by Jesus to be his close followers
  • From the moment Jesus met Peter, he knew that Peter would be the rock of the Church
  • Peter is traditionally considered to be the head of Jesus’ 12 Apostles
  • Peter’s original name was Simon, Peter being a name given to him by Jesus
  • Prior to Jesus' death, Peter denied Jesus three times. Peter wept and repented and Jesus did forgive him
  • Jesus gave Peter the added name of Cephas, an Aramaic appellation meaning “rock.” This was translated into Greek as Petros (from the Greek petra, “rock”) and became the Latin Petrus and the English Peter
  • Peter was the first bishop of Rome
  • Peter was the first of the Apostles to see Jesus after his resurrection from the dead
  • We are told of various missionary trips which Peter undertook in order to preach about Jesus
  • When faced with his fate, Peter asked to be crucified upside down. It is said he did not feel worthy to be martyred in the same manner as Christ
  • St. Peter is the patron saint of Popes, Rome, fishermen, and locksmiths
God's Story: Peter
Recipe for St. Peter's Fishing Net Chex Mix

Try this fun kid-friendly recipe!

Uplift Video of the Week!

Reharmonized and Acoustically Updated: "Here I Am Lord"

For most of us, these months of quarantine has expanded our creativity and skills in being socially distant, yet more technologically connected than ever! As we become more comfortable with Facetime, Zoom, and other social apps and devices, advances in music and choir have also been perfected by performers.

Close your eyes and listen to this classic, beautiful rendition of the hymn, "Here I Am Lord." Written in 1981 by composer Dan Schutte, you will hear the sounds of the organ, violins, flutes, french horns and even a choir. However, this updated reharmonized version of this hymn was musically created by only 2 musicians! Enjoy this video to see how it all plays together!

Here I Am, Lord

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