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January 30

Family Engagement Night-Wednesday, February 19th

Since we did not do a writer's tea in January and since our Open House is moved to March. I really want to do something that invites our parents out with their kids. Here are the topic/activities I'd like to focus on. I was thinking of just have a come and go for parents and in rooms were we would do a presentation or activity twice. 6:00-6:30 and 6:30-7:00. Please let me know if you can help me on this evening. I will get snacks for your location and any materials you may need.

-Internet Safety for your Child

-Homework Help

-Educational Aps and Technology you can use at home

-Strategies to Rock the STAAR

-Healthy Lives, Healthy Minds (do a small presentation and snack preparation??)

-Planetarium (maybe the Primary will let us use they will have it up that week anyway)

???Any other topics you may want to cover???

Family Engagement Night

Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 6-7pm

2505 Waldron Road

Corpus Christi, TX

Please reply to this RSVP if you can help with the Family Engagement Night! Thank you!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


Mrs. Williams will only have 6 weeks to teach and put on the programs for Texas Public Schools Week. It will be very important for her to have the lab kids at TLC to teach the songs because this will be the ONLY time they can become familiar with them. Also, Tutoring pull-outs during this first six weeks during music time should be avoided. Since she only see them twice a week it is very difficult for them to learn the songs up to performance level if they are not present.

So unless you tell these students parents they will not be in the music program, DO NOT pull from music. You can pull from computer if you need to tutor until the program is over.


Fire Marshall

The NEW Fire Marshall came in October and he should be coming again soon. A couple issues he had with our campus.

1) Storage-All storage (including closets-and yes he went in them) have to be 24" below the ceiling. So don't stack stuff up.

2) Skinny halls have to be clear for exiting. This means no desks or tables in those hallways. All displays have to be on a bulletin board.

3)He doesn't want anything hanging from ceilings.

Paraprofessional Staff-Duties & Absences

If you call or text in that you are sick. PLEASE REMIND ME what your duties are so we can make sure they are covered. If you know if advance, please remind us (me, Hoover, or Cristan) and also let others that share you duty know so they are aware and not expecting you.

Thanks for your help with this.

3rd Grade "Structured" Tutorials

I would like to start this. I already have two teachers interested to help with this for 3rd grade. This tutoring would go until 4:30 and is paid. Priority is to the students in the teacher's POD.

If you are a 3rd grade teacher and interested, please let me know. Also, we cannot do this on Mondays and limited on Tuesday and Wednesday. So preferably Thursday and Fridays.

The tutor is responsible for identifying the students and getting permission. This should be for students that are bubble for passing or potential to get to meets. (Should be on reading level)

I can't believe it's February on Saturday!!!!

Time is flying!!!! It's crunch time. Please make sure you are communicating with any parents regarding concerns, especially if retention is possible. And they should be in RTI with your interventions. Please make sure you schedule time to discuss students if you need to.

Black History Month!

Here are some resources for Black History Month. This includes children's literature to read to students. Please look and put some discussions on the importance of Black History Month in your lessons for February. Thank you! (And thank you Ms. Evans, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Flores, and Ms. Ready for helping with Black History Month.

Black History Month 2020.docx

Elementary Digital Resources Survey-If you haven't completed. This needs to be done today.

From Hoover

Please read email about writing on-line and preparing our students for it.

Tab #6 is due for LPAC on Tuesday, Feb. 4th.

TELPAS training will be afterschool on Feb 4th in the library. Calibration training will be during assigned time on Feb 13th at Central Office.

4th grade teachers with ESL students please meet with Ms. Hoover by Feb 10th to go over testing accommodations for ESL students.

3rd grade teacher with ESL students please meet with Ms. Hoover by Feb 21st to go over testing accommodations for ESL students.

Our students that participated in the NAEP testing were well behaved and represented the best of the best at Flour Bluff Elementary.

From Mrs. Villarreal

Teachers, please remember to invite an administrator to rti meetings, especially when testing is being discussed.

Please make sure testing accommodations are put into DMAC and the student is currently using them. Print the form and turn it into Mrs. Hoover.

GT testing will be in April. Please consider the following characteristics of a GT student before referring:

-student is an abstract thinker

-he/she has an eagerness to learn new things -student has advanced reasoning skills -he/she has an extensive and detailed memory -communication skills are advanced for age -organizes data and experiments to discover patterns or relationships.

These are just a few characteristics to consider before you refer a student. Please review previous characteristics I sent on the brief dated 1/15/20. Remember, GT is more than good grades. Also, keep in mind the expectations and rigor of the GT curriculum.


Thank you Mrs. Fordyce, Mrs. Tweedle, Mrs. Elliott, Mrs. Steward, and Mrs Ames for volunteering! We could use one more if you are available.

Mrs. Williams will train you sometime next week.

Reminder: TAMUCC SUPCE Conference April 25th

Texas A&M is having their annual School and University Partnership Conference for Education (SUPCE) on Saturday, April 25th.

I will hang flyers in the lounges and office if you are interested in attending. You can also just go to SUPCE.TAMUCC.EDU if you want to sign up to attend.

They are also looking for break out presenters! If you are interested in presenting to the the same site.

SUPCE Website Click Here

Click here to present or attend the SUPCE conference on April 25th.

Lemonade Day-LAST CALL

If you are interested in doing Lemonade Day lessons with your class, please email me and I will email you the spreadsheet for the materials.

** It is a lot earlier this year. It is on April 25th.

I have Mrs. Gusler and Mrs. Bentz. Anyone else?

Calendar Addition-Internet Safety

Mrs. V and I will create a calendar, but we will be having the Children's Advocacy Center coming out to do a 30-40 minute presentation to our students about Internet Safety. I'm also trying to get a parent session sometime before.

Please add the following dates:

February 19th & 20th to your calendars for this.

Resource Fair

The ECC, Primary, and Elementary will host a Resource Fair for parents on February 8th. This is the flyer. Please share with your parents. I will as well.


We couldn't get the HS field on our date, so we changed dates. The Fun Run will be on Friday, February 28th.

We will kick off on Monday, 17th in cafeteria at 8am.

Teacher meeting for Fun Run on January 30th at 3:15.

Videos for Fun Run on announcements February 17-27.

(P2 videos will have to be shown at a different time during your day if you choose, I will just send you the links. Traits-Social Intelligence & Enthusiasm)

Relay Luncheons

February 13

March 26

April 16

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