Interview With a Vampire

by Anne Rice


The scene starts with a boy about to interview the main character, a vampire called Louis. (Anticlimactic title) Without giving away too much about the book, Louis tells the boy every event in his life, starting just before he became a vampire to the present day. He starts as a plantation owner before he had an encounter with any vampires. He describes his human life as rushed, blind and not truly living. His brother was a very religious person, spending much of his time in an observatory to pray. One night something happens in the observatory, killing his brother. And no, the answer is not vampires so read the book and find out!

Around this time Louis does get bitten by a vampire. This vampire named Lestat visits him the next night and makes Louis a vampire, though at the time he was not clear on why he was being made a vampire. After drinking some of Lestat’s blood, Louis learns to feed as a vampire. He learns to use his new and unusual senses to hide in plain sight. This is also the time when he learns what an unhelpful, cruel teacher Lestat will be. He is told to kill and feed on a human as his first “meal.” In the book, Louis explains that he should have started on animals rather than actual people. Furthermore, Lestat only makes Louis a vampire to have the money and finer lifestyle that comes with Louis’ plantation and money saving skill. That is an example of one of many nights having to be guided by Lestat before they must leave the plantation.

After basically losing the plantation, the two end up living in New Orleans. Being in the populated city makes it easier to feed without anybody noticing. It’s also where Louis meets Claudia, the one who spurs Louis into his big adventures. It starts when he passes a window and notices a girl crying beside her dead mother. Normally Louis might just pass by, but he needs to feed so badly that he takes the girl’s blood. Later it is discovered that she survived the feeding. Lestat takes the liberty of taking her to the apartment from the hospital to make her into a vampire. The girl, by the way, is Claudia. Since she is now a vampire, she is stuck being in a child body for the remainder of her existence which causes quite a few complications later on. That’s about half of the story, and certainly not the juicy stuff that you will find after Claudia comes into play. You will just have to see what kinds of trouble she can give to the other vampires.


Louis is the main character of the book whose life is described before becoming a vampire as well as his tales of being a vampire. He plays a big part in Lestat's and Claudia's lives, keeping more of his human emotions than the other two vampires. The story is basically his personal interview, so you can know for sure his thoughts and how he feels in the moments that he describes, from learning how to use his vampire abilities to his encounters with people and vampires alike.


Being the one that makes Louis a vampire, this guy is pretty important to the story. He is an insensitive, bothersome person to have to learn from. Since he is the only vampire known to Louis, he teaches necessary vampire skills. But not too much, lest Louis try to take his self and his money somewhere else. Most of the time he spends the money on finer things and lets Louis manage the money so that they don't run out. Lestat is also mostly responsible on making Claudia a vampire. This will later come out to be his mistake, but don't worry, he lives quite a long time before the book ends.


The final vampire that Louis lives with and considers family is Claudia, the child vampire. She embodies both Louis and Lestat, liking to play mind games with her feeding victims while also showing human-like consideration in the things she does. Having the body of a child but the mind of a woman, she does end up learning about how she became a vampire. Once she knows about Louis and Lestat's involvement, she exhibits detachment from the two. She is by far the most adventurous one of the group, which is what causes the twists and turns in the book.

Lestat and Claudia's conversation.

Lestat: [after Claudia kills the piano teacher] Claudia, what have we told you?

Claudia: Never in the house.

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