Plant Project

By: Trevin B.


What would the pants do and grow like if different liquids were in them


The kind of soil that I put in the cups is called Miracle Gro which protects over & under watering. I used the exact same bean seed for each cup. I poked three holes in the bottom of each cup.


Milk I think will not grow that tall or not at all. The cup with milk in it, the soil will probably get super hard. I think either the water or the Gatorade is going win.


The first one to come up was the water. Surprisingly the next bean plant to grow was the milk. The juice and Gatorade with the bean plants in them hasn't grown yet. The bean plant with milk in it is lying on the soil.


The water kept on growing, but the milk died. The juice and gatorade didn't grow.


The water worked the best because it has what a plant needs. The milk was in second and I don't no what made it grow a little. And a last the juice and gatorade tied because they didn't grow at all.


First I took the cups and poked 3 holes in the bottom of it. Next I put the soil in the cup. Third I stuck one bean seed in each plant. After that I put tape on the outside of the cups to indicate what liquid was in each cup. Then I put water in the cup that was labeled water; juice in the cup labeled juice; gatorade in the cup labeled gatorade; and milk in the last cup.


Four Cups, soil, four bean seeds, water, apple juice, purple gatorade, and milk.