Failing to manage... Ooohhh! a Bird!!!

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Dude! Robert! Corey! Check out this car! It's orange!!!!!!!!

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Big Bang Theory Fans, Do You Get It? :D

Knock knock knock, Penny. Knock knock knock, Penny. Knock knock knock, Penny.

Pharoah of the Fish
I will always love you lemon Funny Will Sasso Vine Video


When I was a kid, about 4 or 5 years old, I used to live in Sawmills. And I would walk around half naked carrying a piece of bologna. My mom even got a couple videos of me walking around and she would say, "What are you eating, Chaz?" and I would say, "Boney!"

My Little Sister, Savannah O.O

One time when I was 8 and my sister was 3, we were taking a bath. My sister kept farting and making bubbles and laughing. I was freaking out because it was so nasty. Well, the last time she did it, a turd came out. You can only imagine the insanity that followed..... O.O

Dont Push Me!!!!

You'll Destroy The Planet!!!

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Cue Mrs. Link

This is the part where she begins to fuss and say this project was a complete waste of time and while she is arguing she will be looking off in the distance somewhere.