World War 1

what does a zeppelin do

The Zeppelin was used to go on bombing missions. one of their primary targets were Britain. These airships were also used for surveillance on the enemies.

how does the zeppelin work

the zeppelin uses gases that are lighter then air. ballonets act like ballet tanks holding ''heavy air''. when it takes off the pilot vented air through the air valves. the zeppelin then rises. the pilot then angles the zeppelin into the wind to take off. as the zeppelin rises air pressure decreases and the helium in the envelope expands. adding air makes the zeppelin heavier, so to maintain a steady cruising altitude, the pilot must balance the air pressure with the helium-pressure to create neutral buoyancy. the air pressure between the fore and aft ballonets were adjusted.

was the zeppelin successful

yes the zeppelin was successful because it had one of the biggest effect on Britain during the war.