OHVA Family News

December 2015

Give a Boost!

OHVA Boosters once again proudly sponsors Give a Boost for the holiday season. What better way to teach your children to think of others than to GIve a Boost to OHVA families in need? Your donations help to purchase a Walmart gift card to be used for groceries, or other needed items for a family. To donate, click here.

The amount doesn't matter - do what you can do! The important thing is to teach our children to think of others!

Families are referred through teachers, so if you or someone in our OHVA family has a need, please refer them through your teacher. Thank you for bringing smiles!

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Math Mania is coming in February-March!

Make Sense of Math and join us online for special parent sessions with math expert Dr. Raj Shah. Dr. Shah has a great way of communicating with parents and we're really honored he is partnering with us for Math Mania!

It all begins with online sessions Dec. 7 at 4 pm, and then in January, too.

Next you're invited to F2F Math Mania events to have your child learn and participate in math hands-on activities. Parents will attend and observe some great math strategies, too!

SAVE the DATES: Feb. 12, Feb. 19, Feb. 26 & Mar. 4!

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Winter Fun-School Choice Events in January!

Mark your calendars for some winter fun at our OHVA School Choice Week events! We will bowl and skate and enjoy time with our bright yellow NSCW scarves together! More to come soon!

Susie Ebie

OHVA Family Engagement Coordinator