By: Trevor Snow 6th period

Biotic Features in the Tundra

* Arctic Owl

* Polar Bear

* Caribou

* Gray Wolf

* Arctic Owl

Abiotic Features In the Tundra

* Rain

* Clouds

* Rock

* Ice

* Wind

Climate and Yearly Precipitation

* The average temperature is -70 but it can get anywhere from -18 ~ -94.

* The average rain fall is 6-10 inches a year

Why Do we need this Biome?

This biome plays a huge role in the temperature regulation on earth. If this Biome didn't exist the Whole World would be a whole lot Warmer.

How do humans effect this Biome?

Humans pollute the environment by throwing trash on the ground and oil spills are the top causes of this biome getting warmer.

How can we protect this biome?

By watching what we throw out and and picking up trash just even around our own neighborhood. Another way we can help is by donating to the groups around the area.

What is this biome known for?

It is known for its Frost Molded landscapes and extremely low temperatures.
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Life in the Tundra

Life in the tundra is really hard. The temperature is a harsh killer. The animals there are also very different because they are always savaging for food. Food and clean water is hard to find the main ways animals and humans find is it by getting it off the icebergs. Food is a different story many animals become cannibals and eat their own Pack or group. Life in the Tundra is a life and death matter.


*Coldest Biome

*Not much Diversity

*Located In the Arctic Circle