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Moraine Valley Community College November 2014 Newsletter

Career Program of the Month: Welding

Welding can be an exciting career for many, but women should take a second look at welding as well. If you enjoy working with your hands, being out in the environment, and overcoming challenges, and thinking scientifically welding may be for you.

What is Welding?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) welders, cutters and solderers join pieces of metal together using torches and hand-held metal joining equipment. Skilled

What is the Job Market?

Welders are in high demand in our current economy due to the aging population of current welders and the lack of current job seekers considering the manufacturing industry.

How Much Should I Expect to Make?

According to BLS the Median pay in 2012 for Welders, Cutters, Solderers and Brazers was $36,300 annually.

Why do Employers Want to Hire Females?

Many reasons: Women are often smaller than men and can fit into smaller areas to do out of position welding. Women tend to have excellent hand-eye coordination and a propensity for detail oriented work. In addition hiring women adds diversity to their team.

Where Can I Learn to Become a Welder?

Moraine Valley Community College has an established welding program that is over 30 years old. While enrolled in the welding program you will develop the ability to pipe-weld, arc-weld MIG and TIG weld, work from blueprints and much more.

Moraine Valley's Welding Program offers four different certificates you can earn in your journey to becoming a professional welder in as little as 18 months:

  • Certificate in Pipe Welding
  • Certificate in Combination Welding
  • Certificate in Advanced Welding
  • Certificate in Individualized Welding

To learn more about welding at Moraine Valley Community College please contact:

Admissions Office

(708) 974-5355

Academic Advising Center

(708) 974-5721

Jim Greer

Welding Program Coordinator

office: T813

(708) 974-5423

Spotlight on Career Program Alumni: Kristen Cullen

Kristen Cullen is a graduate of Moraine Valley Community College's Welding Program.

Q: Where did you start out after graduating from Moraine Valley's program?:


Q: Where are you now in your career and where do you hope to go in the next few years?


Q: What is the biggest challenge you have encountered as a female welder and how have you overcome it?


Q: What advice would you give to female welders to help them find employment after graduation?


Thank you for your time Kristen, your life is very exciting and we appreciate you sharing it with our readers.