Miss Hoppes' Kindergarten

Weekly Update

March 31st through April 4th

Hello! Thank you for all of the well wishes since I have been sick! I really appreciate them :) Luckily, we have Mrs. Chrobak to come in and sub for us when I am under the weather! We have really been working on how to blow our nose, when to wash our hands and how to not spread germs. It might sound silly, but these are some important skills while being in a classroom. On top of working on this, we have been perfecting our writing skills and reading skills. Today, to embrace the spring weather, we made our own hop scotch tracks and put sight words into each box. The kids read the words as they hopped into the boxes. The students are loving their D.E.A.R time when we drop everything and read for about ten minutes during the day. We are also still working with the new science materials! In our old science materials, we were discussing how items in our world have different parts and how the parts work together. We our new science materials, we are taking things one step further and really looking at the parts such as wood and fabric. We are going to be taking a deep look into wood, where it comes from, how it's used and how we get things like card board and plywood. We will be recording our newly learned information in our scientist journals! After we learn about wood in our world, we will take a peek into fabric, where it comes from and how it is used.

Housekeeping :)

Come and check out "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" this weekend!! The older students have been working on it so hard! We were able to watch the dress rehearsal yesterday afternoon and it was fabulous.

I am still working on mass parts.

Have a lovely weekend!