Trailblazer Times

December 8-12, 2014


Dec 8: Rescheduled Evacuation and Lock Down Drill @ 8:15am

Dec 8: PLC/Vertical Team Meeting @ 3:15pm (we'll begin in the library then move to rooms)

Dec 9: DLI Educator Meeting with Wilson Educators @ DCE's Library @ 3:30pm

Dec 10: 1st Grade Planning Day

Dec 10: Baby Shower for Lindsey McCartney @ 3:15pm in Library

Dec 11: 5th Grade Music Program for School @ 8:30am in cafeteria

Dec 11: PTO Board Meeting @ 9:30am in DCE Library

Dec 11: Team Leader Meeting in Sarah's Room @ 3:15pm

Dec 11: 5th Grade Music Program for Parents @ 6:30pm in cafeteria

Dec 12: CISD Holiday Open House (please plan on going to the Ad Building during your planning time)

Dec 12: 5th Grade performing at CISD Holiday Open House @ 1:15pm??

Dec 15: 5th Grade Spelling Bee @ 8:15-9:45am in the cafeteria

Dec 15: Elementary Principals meeting with Stantec 12:00-4:00pm at Ad Building

Dec 18: Annual North Choir and Band to perform @ 8:30am in gym

Dec 18: Winter Parties Last Hour of the Day (except for 1st who will have theirs the hour before specials)

Dec 19: DCE Sing Along @ 8:15am in the gym

Dec 19: Early Release for students @ 12:50pm


1. PLEASE be sure you turn in your receipts for the PTO start up gift!! Receipts should be turned into Tricia. If you are not sure how to do this, please let us know! We'd like to get all teachers paid before we leave for the Winter Break.

2. PLEASE be sure you have your clipboard of student names and red/green cards during drills.

3. Don't forget to stop by during your conference time at the Admin Building on Friday for the CISD Holiday Open House! They put tasty treats out!

4. Don't forget to bring 3 writing samples and your rubrics to Monday's meeting.


Dec 1: Jennifer Stepter

Dec 14: Shelby May

Dec 27: Kendra Broom

Dec 29: Ashley Minton


CELEBRATE...Mary for hosting the DCE Christmas Party!! Thank you so much Mary for opening your home to all of us!!

CELEBRATE...Lindsey's little baby girl!! Can't wait to celebrate on Wednesday during your baby shower!

CELEBRATE...The Sunshine committee, especially Heather H. and Kim, for all the work organizing the caroling and our staff party! It was all GREAT and TONS of fun!!

CELEBRATE...The DCE Redesign Team!! Everyone really liked all the ideas you thought of for changing the learning environment at DCE! Stay tuned for more info to come on when everything will happen!

CELEBRATE...Vonda for challenging her struggling learners to read!! Her MLI kids have been reading books faster than you can say "Is it Winter Break Yet?"!!!

CELEBRATE...9 1/2 more days!