November NEWS and October WOOHOOs!

LOVE taking this journey with you guys!

You ladies are ROCKIN'!

October's Sales:

Ladies in our Total Downline: 44!!!!! - Love watching these numbers grow!

Total Downline Sales: $22,200

Total Downline Recruits: 3 new recruits!

Total Downline Parties: 50 parties!

Ladies on Our Team: 28

Our Team Sales: $13,148!

Our Team Recruits: 2 recruits!

Our Team Parties: 25 parties!


Whooooooooooo's in DIQ?!?!?!

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SARA RAMSEUR IS!!!!! I am SO proud of you!!!

For those of you who don't know... DIQ stands for "Director in Qualifying". It means that during the month of November Sara met ALL of the requirements for being a director. She has at least 4 PEQAs, had personal volume of $1000+ (hers was $1,349.50), and have teams sales of over $4000 (her team sold $4,622)! So as long as she does it again this month - which we think she will - she will be a DIRECTOR at the next month end!!!!!!! LOOOOOVE it!!!

October's DreamBuilders!

In the month of October we have added TWO new ladies to our team. That means that three new ladies will have their lives changed forever by this company and this family that we have. :) Remember, Thirty One is an opportunity. Think of how it is a blessing in your life, and be willing to share that blessing with others. When we have that mind-frame SHIFT we are more willing to share and inadvertently attract more ladies!

October TOP Sellers!

$1000+ LOVE it!

Sara Phillips - $1,818.50

Sara Ramseur - $1,349.50

Emily Bass - $1,245

Catie Kale - $1,235

Lindsey Lawhon - $1,064

Colleen Trusdle - $1,001.50

$500+ Keep Rocking!

Amanda Adams - $877.50

Paula Weiss - $828

Brittney Bame - $746.50

Beulah "Ditti" Morefield - $513


Kristin Anderson - $444.50

Ashley Vuncann - $443

Bianca Santos - $328.50

Kimberly Robinson - $283.50

Sondra Sutherland - $263

Lisa "Roxy" Galloway - $224

Annissa Beck - $205

WELCOME to Team K.A.L.E. Ladies!!!

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Things you should KNOW!

Dates for your Calendar!

November 15th - SuccessU from 10am to 2pm at Rebecca Bridle's House in Claremont, NC! This meeting is designed for newer consultants or anyone wanting a refresher in the basics. It's an awesome time of training icluding everything you need or want to know. Every month it's lead by a different director and it's designed to help you off to a strong start. Questions about the party presentation? Questions about hostess coaching? THIS is where you will find the answers to all of these questions and more. Mark your calendars to attend. It is definitely worth your time! The local Hickory C&C meeting at St. Lukes UMC @ 7pm

November 16th - The SPRING Product Premiere! This is at 12:30pm at theaters all across the country. Locally the closest ones are Huntersville, NC or Boone, NC! Both are GREAT choices as Lindsey, Kyla, and I will be in Boone and Rebecca Bridle will be in Huntersville! For those of us going to Boone - we will have lunch and do some shopping afterwards for anyone who wants to stay! Doors open at noon - but I would be there a little before!!!

November 27th - Home office closed for Thanksgiving

December 2nd - Cindy Monroe is on the Today Show!

December 10th - Christmas CUTOFF for all retail and party orders!

December 12th - Come and CELEBRATE the season with us at Lindsey Lawhon's home (more information to follow) - we will have a girls night full of laughs, love, snacks, drinks, and even some dirty Santa! I am ALREADY excited!!! The fun starts at 6:30pm.

December 25th - Home office closed for Christmas

December 30th - Spring is LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!

My Personal Stats!

Those of you who have been around a long time know that I am 100% real with you in the good times and the bad... and this was an AMAZING month!!!!

My Personal Volume: $1,235

My Recruits: None this month

My Parties: 2

Based on my stats for September, a consultant earning 25% commission would have earned $308.75 in commission. But because I chose leadership (and have you ROCKSTARS as members of the Team K.A.L.E. family), as a Director I earned $884.31. Not only do I absolutely *LOVE* this second job, it is such a blessing to our family on a monthly basis.

Based on our team and downline sales for this month a Director or above could earn paychecks (depending on their title) as shown in the chart below:

Director: $884.31

Senior Director: $1,249.43

Executive Director: $2,524.05

Senior Executive Director: $4,837.17

National Executive Director: $19,358.65

If you are interested in leadership I would LOVE to help guide you to take that next step!