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Year of the Maverick!

Week of October 17, 2016

Welcome to week #9 in the Year of the Maverick! Brace yourself for a full week! On Monday we will have our Homecoming Pep Rally. You will escort, and stay with, your 8th period class and show off your Maverick PRIDE as we prepare for homecoming! Also, a Monday reminder that All LPAS monitoring for ELL students who failed the first six weeks needs to be completed by the end of the day. Great job to the 6th grade teachers who have completed the monitoring for almost all of their students! Please let your grade level administrator (or Mr. Bromberg) know if you need help completing this today.

It is that time of the year again. Mendez MS is a Legacy of Giving school, and we would like to pair up with our feeders school, so we can have the best canned drive ever. It begins today and continues thru November 11th. We will go and pick up the cans from your class on the day of your choice. We will give the Maverick Pride class who does the best a pizza party an personally, say thank you! Please let Ms. Guajardo know if you are in and are willing to help out. WE want our community to shine and let people know we can also give and help others.

Attendance was higher this week compared to the same week last year again (95.03 vs 93.84), so KUDOS! In looking at the grades this week, all grade levels took a huge dive with the percent of students passing their classes. Let's all ban together and encourage our students to get their work done. Maverick Pride teachers, be on their case, but on their side on this issue. Have them check their grades and work on missing work.

Thursday's leadership meeting after school will focus on literacy campus-wide. Please share ideas you have with your department chair before then.

Have a super great week!

Keep in Mind ...

  1. SLOs have to be pre-approved if you are not using one from the bank of tests. Also, they need to be given and recorded in the SLO database and finalized by October 28.
  2. Maverick Pride time has the same guidelines as any other class with regards to technology. Students should only be utilizing it if it is part of your lesson.
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Shout Outs

  1. To Kermit O for setting up the Mendez SLACK Communication Board (see below for details on how you can join)

  2. Mr. Fillmore who had some of his Kickstart students perform at the PTSA this past week. They were an amazing group!
  3. Mr. Hendricks who took a few minutes to join the Jr. Cadets and show off his marching abilities!
  4. The front office staff for taking care of all us ... thank goodness they are there!

Remember, anyone can submit a shout-out for a student or staff member.

SEL Moment

As we work to reinvent the urban school experience, mindfulness is a practice that can be utilized to help us creatively tap into the most effective parts of our brains. It encourages us to come back to our breathing, ourselves, and our places of focus. It can give us space to self-regulate and take accountability for our actions and our own learning. Schools around the country are embracing mindfulness as a path to positive habits and culture. Resources are available if you'd like to make mindfulness practice a presence in your classroom.

SIM and the Unit Organizer Invades Mendez


A Smore Within a Smore! Read about the Ofrenda Project

SLACK comes to Mendez!!

Slack is a communication platform that has become popular at various companies and organizations. Touted as an “email killer”, it allows team members to chat, share files, receive social media updates, embed videos, and more. No more “NNTO” emails or messy group texts. And with the “Posts” feature, there would be no more need for Ms. Ryan to forward emails to the entire campus. In the spirit of PLCs as “ways of being”, Slack allows organic real-time anytime communication, outside of the designated meeting places and times.

Sign-up for the Mendez Slack team at the link below.

How does it work?

All communication takes place in #channels, which are separate spaces for departments, grade-level teams, even locations, like the #library. By default, teachers are added to both their department channel (e.g. #ela for English Language Arts) and their grade-level team channel (e.g. #team7th). A team member may also join other open channels that connect to their interests, such as committees. See the graphic below, which shows how a 7th Grade ELA teacher might be connected.

Professionalism, Privacy, and Growth Mindset

Slack also allows private chats between 2 or more team members. But we should be aware that in the digital age, nothing we say online is 100% private. A cursory tale from a Rhode Island school should remind us to use technology critically and with grace, and teach our students to do the same.

This is obviously a matter of professionalism, but it is also about the importance of a Growth Mindset. It reminds us of the damage we can cause if we are not mindful of our thoughts and actions toward our students, their families, and toward each other. The students at Blackstone Valley Prep felt the toxicity long before the chats were released to the public, and it undoubtedly affected their ability to learn. Regardless of what medium we use for communication - written, digital, verbal, nonverbal - the tone we set echoes through the halls.

Mendez Guitarists Play for the Optimist Club Dinner

Family Resource Center News

Thank you to everyone who helped out and showed up to the Family CATCH night! A special thank you to Leslie Diaz from the Mexican Consulate-Ventanilla de Salud for choosing Mendez/ Dove Springs as the site for the Binational Health Week South location, Mr. Fillmore and Mendez Cadets, Ms. Maribel and the Widen folklorico team, Dr. Lepine, Mendez administration, Mr. Medrano, Ms. Friede, Ms. West Nutritious and Delicious club, YAC volunteers, and many others in helping put this event together!

The families had an amazing time on Tuesday and received many services. We had 79 families and 332 people come in total. Ms. West and her club did an incredible job with their pasta dish and mint/lemon/basil sparkling water. Congratulations to Mr. O on winning the Healthy Cook-off and a Google chrome book! Second prize went to Martha Duenas, Mendez parent, and third prize to Ms. West. Thanks to all who participated in the cook-off. Everything tasted delicious, and you made it hard for the judges.

On another note, please Facebook follow the Mendez FRC-Dove Springs at

Until next time,

Events this Week

This is Homecoming Week!


  • PEP Rally Schedule
  • Academic PLCs: Mr. Pope (SIM) will be on campus and will meet with teachers during your Academic PLCs
  • 6:00 Homecoming Football Game: Mendez vs Webb at House Park


  • Grade Level PLC Day
  • Maverick Pride Assembly: Ofrenda Project Information
  • Mandatory Benefits Enrollment Session @ Mendez Middle School
  • AVID Potluck Dinner
  • Academic PLC Da
  • Ms. Ryan off Campus: Principal's Meeting
  • Team PLC/Whole Campus PD
  • 3:45 to 4:45 Maverick Leadership Team Meeting: Maverick Room (110)


  • Grade Level Academic PLCs
  • 8th grade Maverick Pride: Assembly for Legacy of Giving


Upcoming Dates:

10/27: Quarterly TIP Report
10/28: SLOs need to be finalized
10/29: THE ENTIRE CAMPUS will be used this day for a community event. Please plan around this day as your classroom will not be available.