Knight Notes

September 4, 2015

Happy Monday to You!

Good Morning--

Thank you for a great week! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was fantastic to be able to get into many classrooms and to see the wonderful things that you are doing with your students. I truly appreciate your increased visibility in the hallways. It definitely impacts the way that our students behave.

In addition, it was great to get out to some after school activities. We have had phenomenal attendance by both staff and students. It has been awesome to enjoy these fun activities with our students and staff members.

Thank you for all that you do to make FHN a great place to work and learn! Enjoy your week!


5 Quick Facts About a Colleague!

Eric Eubank-PE
  1. I grew up in Shelbina, Missouri, and I moved to Jeff City in the 4th grade.
  2. I graduated from Missouri State University.
  3. I have one child Parker, and my fiancé and I are getting married in Riviera Maya over Fall Break.
  4. My favorite places to travel in the United States are Nashville, Vail Mt., San Francisco, and anywhere Mizzou is playing.
  5. If I were not teaching, I would probably be watching Netflix and playing Xbox all day.

Up next...Mike Parker!


  • We had a few teachers from our building present PD this week. They did an awesome job!
  • Great performance by band at FHSD Band Preview.
  • Great student attendance at home events.
  • The football team selected Becky Just and Joe Brocksmith as teachers of the week and they were honored at the game on Friday.


KNIGHTS @ 90- We currently have 95.38% of students at 90% attendance or better.

Understanding 90/90

- In order for a student to reach 95% attendance for A+ or Exam Exemption, they can only miss 4 school days per semester

- In order for a student to reach our 90% attendance goal they can only miss 8 days per semester. This means they must miss less than 2 days per month.


Please share with your students that FHN has an online bullying reporting form. It is anonymous and can be found on the parent and student tabs of our website.


Classroom goal setting:

Please remember to utilize classroom goal setting with a minimum of 1 class. If you need more information please refer to Schoology (access code: M92JC-2ZFHW ) or contact Katie Greer. I have heard some great ways to utilize goal setting: one way is with a unit pre-test and then setting a goal for the post-test with that unit. Utilizing your PLC's is a great way to discuss how your colleagues are putting student goal setting to work.


Climate Committee Update

Climate Committee held their first meeting last Monday, August 24th. The group discussed organizing an evening for faculty to attend a football game together and we will provide more details about that soon. We also looked at our surveys and compared them to those used in the other schools. We will be restructuring the survey in our next meeting. The next meeting is September 21st, and all our welcome to attend.

Coffee With the Principal

The administrative team held their first Coffee With the Principal on Thursday, August 27th. We provided a brief SIP update while gathering input on “One Big Idea” they had to improve the FHN experience for parents. We also gathered clarification on their view of the parent survey item “As a parent, I feel connected to my school.”

Guidance Note

1) 9th Bully/Harassment Lessons were last week. Students were instructed to report to adults in the building if they are a victim or witness situations of bully or harassment.

2) KUTO is presenting a Suicide Prevention lesson in Health classes 8/31. Guidance typically see an increase in student need after this lesson. Please communicate any concerns to their alpha counselor for follow up.

App of the Week


Notability is the go-to application for note taking. One of the primary reasons is because of the workflows that teachers and students can create in order to retrieve, annotate and submit work. Plus, Notability integrates Dropbox, Google Drive and Box drive. If teachers set up a shared folder with their class via Google Drive, students can access their documents, annotate them and push them back to their teacher via a privately shared folder.


If you are currently using Google Classroom, please send an email to Dr. Birch letting him know. Also, if you have a great tech idea or article to share send it to Dr. Birch and we can post it on the FHN Tech Blog.

I wanted you to be aware that if a student needs to use a computer after school and does not have access at home, they can check out a computer and a hotspot from the library (They just have to have their parents sign a permission form).

Attendance Committee

Thursday, Sep. 3rd, 2:30am

Learning Commons

If you are interested in being a part of this very important committee, please come join us.

Technology Committee

Thursday, Sep. 3rd, 2:30pm

Learning Commons