Junior High Newsletter

End of 1st Marking Period 2015-16

Upcoming Dates

November 2 - 7th Grade Fall Student of the Month Assembly 8:00 am; Book Fair begins

November 3 - 8th Grade Fall Student of the Month Assembly 8:00 am; What's Brewing 7:00 am

November 6 - Book Fair ends

November 11 - Veterans Day; School Dance 3:00 - 4:30 pm

November 16 - Winter Sports begin

November 19 - Parent-Teacher Conferences 5:00 - 8:00 pm

November 20 - Career Day

November 23 - Parent-Teacher Conferences 8:00 am - 8:00 pm; NO SCHOOL

November 24 - Parent-Teacher Conferences 8:00 am - 12:00 pm; NO SCHOOL

November 23 - 30 - SCHOOL CLOSED

December 1 - What's Brewing 7:00 am

December 12 - Holiday Concert 7:30 pm at Senior High

December 19 - Spelling Bee

December 24 - January 3 - SCHOOL CLOSED

January 5 - What's Brewing 7:00 am

January 18 - 19 - SCHOOL CLOSED

January 20 - End of 2nd Marking Period

*all dates are subject to change due to weather


adapted from parenttoolkit.com
  • Try to teach your child about the importance of a well-balanced meal. Have her demonstrate that knowledge by packing her own lunch, or occasionally planning family dinners. Make sure she has half the plate filled with fruits and vegetables.
  • Try to talk to your child about the food he’s eating when you’re not around. If he is into sports, highlight the importance of a healthy diet to his athletic performance. If he’s concerned about his complexion, highlight the impact of healthy foods and water to a clear complexion. When you explain the benefits of healthy eating as it applies to things he’s particularly concerned about, he may be more likely to take your advice.
  • Keep items in your kitchen healthy. If you buy chips or cookies, your child will eat them. When she's helping herself to snacks in the kitchen, making healthy choices is easy if it's the only choice she has. And if you can’t control what she eats out of the house, you can at least make sure what she’s eating at home is healthy.
  • Let your child prepare some meals on his own. Try letting your tween be in charge of dinner once a month so that he can demonstrate his cooking skills. Get him involved in meal planning, have him decide on a recipe, and prepare it for the family. He may try something new the family hasn’t tried before, which can be a good learning experience for the entire family while also boosting his self-esteem and competence in the kitchen.
  • Make time for healthy family meals. It allows you to model healthy eating and is a good time to catch up with your active child.
  • Keep meal time free of technological distractions. This will encourage your child to listen to her body and realize when he’s full and when he’d like more.
  • Keep an eye out for mindless snacking while doing homework, talking on the phone, or watching television. It’s easy for a tween to not pay attention to snacks while multitasking. If your child has a problem with this, you can make snacking permitted only in the kitchen

Student Council

The Red Lion Area Junior High Student Council has been busy this fall. While preparing to earn the Keystone Council Award from PASC, they have been focusing on charitable work. They designed and sold T-shirts to support Pennsylvania Wounded Warrior, raising a total of $1000 through the sale. Penny Wars is in full swing between teams at the JH this week, with all money raised being added to that $1000 to go to PA Wounded Warriors. We want our veterans to know RED LION CARES!

Nurse's Notes

We are currently in the process of conducting the state mandated screenings for your child regarding visual and hearing screenings as well as height and weight for their body mass index (BMI) results. Please feel free to visit your child’s health room when you are in the building. We have free handout sheets and magazines on a multitude of health related issues and immunizations. Pertinent to this age group (11 to 12 year olds) is the HPV vaccine, one of the few anticancer vaccines available to the public. We encourage you to contact us with any questions related to your child’s health and well-being.

Healthy regards to all :)

Nurse Debbie & Sallie

PSO News

Box Tops for Education

  • Continue saving and sending in the box tops - they can be dropped off in the red box outside the cafeteria.

Fall Dance - Nov. 11th

  • Please click here to sign up to volunteer at the student dance.

Thank you for all of your support!!

Counselor's Corner

As the 1st marking period ends and the 2nd one begins, school counselors are busy reviewing report card grades with students. Report cards can bring either positive or negative feelings. In either case, report cards can be used as an academic tool. They provide students with an opportunity to reflect on past work habits, accomplishments, and challenges.

We encourage you to take part in the upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences. The conference can be viewed as information exchange. Parents/Guardians provide information about their student’s interactions and experiences that may affect their confidence and interest in school while the teachers provide information and observations about relationships, academic performance, and knowledge of learning strategies. Sharing this information provides a more complete picture of the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Participating in your student’s education can make a big difference in the student’s motivation, understanding, and school performance.

All 8th grade students have the opportunity to apply to York County School of Technology for next school year. York Tech is a great option for students who have a sincere interest in one of their 25 technical programs like computer programming, health occupations or welding and metal fabrication. You may learn more about these programs and the others by attending York Tech’s Open House on Thursday, November 12th @ 6:00 p.m. Applications are available in our guidance office and should be completed and returned by November 20th.

Building Safety & Security

As you may recall, the Red Lion Area School District utilizes the School Gate Guardian Visitor Management System in all of our buildings. When a visitor enters any of the district’s buildings, he/she will be asked to scan his/her state or federally- issued ID. The system will access www.familywatchdog.us, which scans national sex offender databases to determine if the person is a registered sex offender. The visitor information is also compared to a locally stored database created by the district that could include parents or guardians with custody issues, restraining orders, or visitors that have been deemed a threat to students and staff. To clarify, the District does NOT maintain most of the driver’s license information that is scanned from the state or federally-issued ID. Once the scan is complete, the only data that is saved is the visitor’s name and date of birth. We appreciate the continued cooperation and support in following these protocols that help us to increase our safety and security measures in each of our buildings.