By: Caitlin Keeler p. 4

Definition of Communication and Types

Communication~ The process of conveying information so messages are received and understood.

Verbal~ use words to talk and communicate.

Non-verbal~ Communication without words.

Slang and Messages

Slang~ Very informal way of talking with words and phrases. Used more in speech than writing. Examples: Dingus, noob, JK. Slang is appropriate for when talking to friends or peers.

'I' Message~ State what you feel, and what you think.

'You' Message~ Accusations to the other person. Blaming the other person for how you feel (sad, happy, mad).

The best message to use is I Message, so you can clearly say your feelings and not accuse someone of something they probably don't know they're doing.


  • Tips for Better Communication: Ask questions, be open and honest, keep messages short and simple, discuss one topic, be positive, stay focused, be interested, be patient.
  • Tips for Manage Conflict: Take responsibility for your feelings, don't blame others, be understanding, be considerate to others feelings, be positive, use reflection, ask questions, pay attention.

  • Netiquette~ The correct way to communicate on the internet.
  • Tips for Good Netiquette: Use appropriate language, be polite, respect others, don't spam people, don't give away private information, avoid sarcasm, don't type in all caps, don't plagiarize , avoid overuse of emoticons, use correct grammar.