Welcome to 6th Grade!

Reading 101

Reading Reminders:

*Always be prepared-bring iPad, pencil, grading pen, binder, & paper EVERYDAY.

*Homework is expected to be turned in on time.

*If absent-check the back board for missing work.

*iPad must be charged for class everyday.

*Extra worksheets can be found on the missing work board

*Assignments are written on the side board daily

*www.stanleysstuff.weebly.com-useful info can be found here

Class Rules:

  • Always be prepared for class.
  • You should be in your seat working on bell work when the bell rings.
  • Always have your agenda-assignments will be written in it everyday.
  • Gum chewing will be allowed as long as I don't hear it or see it.
  • You will need to have something to read in case you finish your work early.
  • Always try your best.

**Reading is your ticket to success!**