Trauma Informed Care 101

Presented by Michael Thompson & LaTisha M. Bowie

Research by RKT

Trauma Informed Care : Continuum of Services for Exemplary Practices

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In the Trenches of Care

Michael Thompson, Principal of the Hawthorn Center present to you for your consideration... Trauma Informed Care...

May it open your eyes to the empathy and skills needed to empower our students.

Trauma informed care is crucial to the success of the Alternative / non-Traditional & Unique Educational Facilities students.

This awareness and infrastructure of mindset is indeed the missing link in the Continuum of Services for Exemplary Practices.

This workshop will Teach, Inspire and Motivate all practitioners with empirical data and tools to implement Trauma informed care in the trenches.

The link can be made with the drop out crisis of America and the lack of Trauma informed care practices or lack thereof in our institutions.

Educate yourself and empower your school with the overview of Trauma Informed Care practices from the Teacher to the entire district.

The fate of our students is at stake

Below please find empirical data, links, worksheets for your consideration for your personal and professional life.


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"Understanding Compassion Fatigue"- LaTisha M. Bowie

Please click here for the PDF of "Understanding Compassion Fatigue" Presented by LaTisha M. Bowie

"Trauma Informed Care 101" - Michael Thompson

Please click here for the PDF of "Trauma Informed Care 101" - Presented by Michael Thompson

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PDF of Interview below

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Documents below for consideration and support

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Trauma Informed Care Training

Flyer below on Training

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For more information please contact...

Michael O. Thompson

School Principal

Hawthorn Center

Michael Thompson: State of Michigan, Department of Community Health: Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration: Hospitals and Centers: Hawthorn Center Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Facility School Principal.

Michael has presided as the principal of the Hawthorn Center School for the past 11 years. He taught in a self-contained EI classroom for one year at the center before becoming the principal.

Michael owned his own handy-man business for 2 years. He taught at a public high school as a special education teacher for 4 years teaching most subject areas as well as building trades. For a period of 13 years he worked in several settings as a child care worker caring for juveniles, abused and neglected children and individuals with traumatic brain injuries.

Michael received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing from Alma College in Alma, Michigan and his Master’s and Certification in Special Education from the University of Detroit-Mercy in Detroit, Michigan.

LaTisha Young-Bowie

LaTisha M. Bowie: State of Michigan, Department of Community Health: Hospitals and Centers: Hawthorn Center Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Facility Hospitalized and Homebound Teacher.

LaTisha has been employed as the Hospitalized Homebound Teacher for the Hawthorn Center School 1 ½ years. LaTisha moved to this new opportunity after 7 ½ years of presiding as the lead teacher of a center based day treatment program for students with emotional impairments.

LaTisha began her career as a social worker and transitioned into special education. Over the past 15 years LaTisha has worked in several settings for children with severe emotional impairments, as well as abused and neglected children and individuals. LaTisha is the founder and lead facilitator for Dialogos Support Services which is a peer led support group for individuals affected by suicide. She is also an active advocate for at-risk youth and promoting mental health and well-being in the community.

LaTisha received her Bachelors of Science in Special Education from Eastern Michigan University and her Masters and Certification in Special Education Administration from Wayne State University. She is currently completing her Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Louisiana -Monroe.

Drop Out Crisis National Link Below

Richard K. Thompson

Dean of Students

Swartz Creek Global Learning Hub

National Alternative Education Association / Board Member

“Magnum opus”

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