The Cold War

We didn't start this fire.

Cold War:

intense economic, political, military, and ideological rivalry between nations, short of military conflict; sustained hostilepolitical policies and an atmosphere of strain between opposedcountries.

Th H bomb testing

Thursday, Feb. 12th 1953 at 10am

"Installation", Soviet Union

Communist Bloc

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The Communist Bloc was a group of communist nations during the Cold War. The main culprit was the Soviets. With their idealized approach of Communism the Soviet Union had, Americans tried to contain it. Every country that was communist were called "satellite" countries. The Communist Bloc was made up of of the following nations: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, East Germany, Poland, Albania, the Soviet Union, and Czechoslovakia.

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was the youngest president of the United States, at the age of 35. He was a young, handsome, and an eager new face to Americans. He made contributions to the Cold War by commanding troops to go to Cuba to stop Castro and the revolution. Althought Kennedy had the troops withdrew from Cuba at the last second, he still had a good sense of authority. He was in office when there was another conflict in Cuba. During the Cuban Missile Crisis he had US naval make a blockade to keep Soviet's bombs away from America.

The Bay of Pigs

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Bay of Pigs Disaster

Many Americans were scared the USSR would use Cuba as a base to attack US. In 1959 Fidel Castro leads a rebellion and creates a communist dictatorship in Cuba. When America decides to take action on April 17, 1963 the invasion is quickly put down buy Cubans. The rebels in Cuba kill 400 U.S. men, the rest are captured, and Castro remains in power; Bay of Pigs seen as a sign of American weakness by Soviets.

The Berlin Wall

The summer of 1961, with at least 1000 East Berliners fleeing a day, communist West Berlin wanted to keep its denizens, so the Soviets began building wall. The wall was made of concrete and barbed wire and was 28 miles long. It divided East and West Berlin. The Berlin Wall stood for decades as a symbol of the Iron Curtain and the Cold War.

JFK Blown Away


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