Springman Bands

Weekly Update #18

Short Weeks and Lots of Stuff To Do!

Happy Long Weekend, Band Parents and Students!

Please note that the 6th grade and 7th grade units are well underway! Please make sure you are checking the "mini-updates" on our units below to ensure you are on track!!

That being said, lessons continue to have strong attendance - thank YOU for checking in with me if you have a conflict either BEFORE or the SAME DAY as your lesson.

Parents, I would urge you to check your child's grade to ensure that they are attending lessons and completing their homework! As always, let me know if you have concerns.

GEF Information - has been sent home with all students. Please let me know if you have not received your students' time.


Monday, January 18th


- Please note that ALL 8th grade lessons will be on Friday!!!

- Please note that ALL 7th grade lessons will be TOMORROW!!!

Tuesday, January 19th

- Wildcat Symphony will rehearse at 7:30 AM

- ALL 7th graders have lessons today! See below for International Tour assignment!!!

Wednesday, January 20th

- 7th grade band will rehearse at 7:30 AM

- 6th graders have lessons today! See below for Travel Through Time assignment!!!

- Jazz Band will rehearse from 3-4 PM

Thursday, January 21st

- 6th grade band will rehearse at 7:30 AM

- 6th graders have lessons today! See below for Travel Through Time assignment!!!

Friday, January 22nd

- JAZZ BAND will rehearse at 7:30 AM

- ALL 8th graders have lessons today!

Saturday, January 23rd

- Northshore Jazz Festival today - see below for info!!

6th Grade: Travel Through Time Update and Homework Reminders

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This week, students concluded our time in the Renaissance Time Period by finishing to learn sixteenth note rhythms in "The Earl of Oxford's March." Next week, we'll be moving onto the Baroque period!


- In lessons next week, students will individually perform "Earl of Oxford's March" at a metronome marking of 75 bpm! Please note that there are practice recordings on Schoology to play along with!

7th Grade International Tour Update and Homework Reminders

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For many, the International Tour started with a "smooth take-off" as students earned points for completing the cover of their passport and for their performance on "Yankee Doodle." Many students also earned their first passport stamp for their "Yankee Doodle" performance!

Other students experienced some "turbulence" with these two assignments...the good news is that next week will present a new opportunity to get back on a smooth flight path!

This week, students "traveled" to Canada where we learned the Canadian National Anthem, "O Canada" which featured dotted quarter notes and eighth notes. We also watched an exciting video performance of this piece - ask your 7th grade student to show you on Schoology!


- Performance of "O Canada" at 75 bpm! Extra credit for memorization!

8th Grade Extra Credit: GBS Pep Band

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Please note that Mr. Wojcik is also strongly encouraging PARENTS to attend this event to find out more about GBS.

Students and parents DO NOT need to stay the entire time - come when you can!

Jazz Band Update

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Just a friendly reminder that the NORTHSHORE JAZZ FESTIVAL will be taking place on Saturday, January 23rd.

Please make sure you read through the information carefully HERE - note that students are required to wear a uniform that is different than the one pictured above.

Thank you to the parents to have volunteered to help chaperone and move equipment. I am still in need of at least three more chaperones - please let me know if you can help!!!