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UniGuard is dedicated to offer the state of art GPS Tracking Products to let worldwide clients enjoy peace of mind. GPS-tracking is the invention of latest technology to improve the lives of the people. Our system can be used to ensure the safety of your vehicle, assets and pets. It can be used to track the home thefts. This is already taking its valuable position in people's lives and they are feeling safer with the systems. This is indeed the great invention of this age. Our systems are able to send the information about location data and time to earth. With our GPS trackers It is possible to tell the exact location of any object on the planet.

At UniGuard you can buy GPS Vehicle Tracker, GPS Personal Tracker, GPS Pet Tracker, GPS Assets Tracker, GPS Tracking Software and many other tracking products. Whether GSM or satellite communications, to protect your child, or load securing - with our versatile Personal Tracking Device we offer for a variety of applications and the best solution.

Our GPS tracking systems can be applicable in the determination of position, location and navigation of any object on the earth. With GPS systems; the exact information about the moving objects and people can be obtained within sometime. Our Real time GPS tracking systems in the vehicle can be used to check the speed of the vehicle and parents are able to use it for tracking the driving habits of their children. Log on to uniguardgps.com for more information.