Red canned blueberries

Red canned blueberries. Per pound three larvae are allowed.

Frozen Brussels sprouts equally inspect: Manufacturers may leave up to 30 aphids or trips per 100 grams.

Orange juice from canned Spicy: producers may allow the juice five fruit flies or a maggot per 250 milliliters.

Canned corn Every 12 pounds of corn may contain two or earwig’s larvae three millimeters or more, as long as the total length of (parts of) larvae does not exceed 12 millimeters.

Dates Manufacturers may all five insects (or parts which together form five insects) process at 100 grams.

Fig paste Manufacturers may allow up to 13 heads of insects per 100 grams.

Pasta Each serving of 225 grams up to 225 parts of insects are allowed. Enjoy your meal.

Dried mushrooms Tastes like you cap a little strange? Every 15 grams of dried mushrooms can contain up to 100 maggots, regardless of their size, but only two maggots that are longer than two millimeters. There may also 75 mites in it.

Frozen peaches or canned peaches each can may include a larva (or fragment thereof) with a maximum length of five millimeters.

There are about 500 million tons of krill in the ocean, which the animal despite its small size to one of the largest animal biomass on earth is. As a result, there is no risk of over-fishing of krill and can be considered one of the most sustainable food sources in the world.

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