Katie McElroy B1

Agricultural products!

Some of the main agriculture products that are grown and harvested are many hearty vegitables such as potatoes. Many bread products are grown as well for things like noodles and dumplings.

Customs and Beliefs

When dining in Germany, you should never sit until you are invited. While you are at the table you should not have your elbows on the table but you may set your wrist on the edge of the table. You should always finish everything on your plate. Germans usual eat contenintal style which means the fork is in the left and the knife is in the right. You should also cut as much food as you can with your fork to show the cook that there meal is tender.

Special Holidays ~

During Christmas there are usualy a multi corse meal. It usualy has goose and some kind of cheese fondue. There is also potatoe salad. Usually for Easter they celebrate the whole weekend and then the Sunday of Easter they usually have a big meal that includes Easter lamb as the focal point of the meal.


1. Apfelstrudel- This is an excellant pastry filled with an apple flavoring and has sugar , cinnomen, raisins and breadcrumbs. Apfelstrudel is made from an elastic dough, with many flakey layers.

2. Kasespatzle- This is kind of like the american version of mac and cheese. This are noodles made from egg and flour. Usually topped of with cheese. Sometimes even onione will be thrown into the bunch. These can be served straight from the pan so it is generally extremly hot when served.

3. Kartoffelpuffer- This is pretty much a potatoe pancake made from a mixture of flour, egg, onions and seasoning. These can either be served a sweet side or salty. You can eat these with you main meat corse of with a jam and some cinnomen butter.

4. Rote Grutze- This is a red fruit pudding which is more popular in Northern Germany. It is made from black and red currents and raspberries. Sometimes even with strawberries and cherries which are cooked inthere juice to thicken with cornstarch. It is usualy served with cream, vanilla sauce or even milk.

5. Schnitzel- This is a thin boneless cutlet of meat which is generally coated in breadcrumbs and served with lemon. You can make this with veal or even pork.