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Last Week's Shenanigans and Such...

I always download the week's pictures first, when doing this newsletter, and it always amazes me how much fun we all have in class! Yes, I sometimes forget to grab my camera and get as many shots as I could, so you're probably not getting the full picture of what all we do, but most of the time I'm knee deep in kiddos and can't free myself. Haha! I'll try to be better at bringing my camera to our specials classes, and if I can't stay, I'll have Kathy try to take a few more shots for your enjoyment. It just depends on how "hands on" she needs to be for each class. Okay? Anyway, what you see below in the photo gallery should give you a good idea of what your child participated in at school last week.

We are still working each day on perfecting the Pledge of Allegiance, and 80% of the time, the kids stand up right away and put their right hand over their heart on the first attempt! This is good practice for knowing left from right! The next goal is to help them stand still and recite it correctly every time! You'd be surprised at how well they do it, even now! Ask them if you want a live demonstration. (You may have to whisper the words to bolster their memory.)

We also are pretty much nailing the Bible verse for this month, and last Wednesday, I actually had several volunteers who wanted to come up to the front of the circle, pretend to be Ms. Linda, and "teach" the verse to us. It was funny to see their enthusiasm and how well they remembered the words and motions! I'll try to film them sometime, and then figure out how I can add the video to this newsletter. That would be a neat addition, huh!

For those of you who deal with obedience issues, (or lack thereof), we have a mantra in class that we repeat over and over: "Slow Obey is NOT Okay!" If you need to borrow it for home use, it's a gentle reminder that they're very familiar with!


We're delving into our Farm theme. I have tons of fun books, games, table activities, and other misc. ideas we plan to do with the kids. It's going to be LEGENDARY. Well, maybe not that famous, but your kids are sure going to enjoy it all!


Please send in an item that begins with F for our sharing activity at the end of day on Monday. The kids really love having time to talk about what they sent in, and it's a great way to reinforce letter F and it's beginning sound.

Also, remember to write your child's name on anything and everything that you have them bring to school. It helps us to keep things sorted out correctly, without having to think too hard! haha!

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