My Canadian Teen Culture

Hannah June Doyle Jackman


EH! My names Hannah June Doyle Jackman , im 13 years old. I live in Canada, Barrie Ontario. I've lived in Canada my whole life. I have three siblings Sean, Erin , and Matthew. I have two cats and one dog kitty, boots and bear. I have a best friend named Raine she goes to my school she's also Canada!


  1. Something use everyday is My phone. It is very important artifact to me because they are expensive devices. Not everybody has one but im happy I have one. I also love my phone because I can talk to my friends and go on social media website's.
  2. Something I use everyday is my T.V . I love my tv because when I get bored at home i usually watch my favorite shows (teen wolf, pretty little liars, and walking dead). Im happy I have my tv because some people dont have one.
Canadian, Please ♫


  1. I celebrate Christmas with my family every year! We always pray before we eat because we're catholic but my step dad and grandma aren't but they still do because it's just respectful.
  2. Some people don't celebrate there birthday because of there religion but I celebrate mine , I always have family and friends over we all eat cake and most the time get me gifts but I don't care about the gifts!
  3. My friends and I go out for Halloween because we know we won't stay young forever and it's fun to dress up in stupid costumes and run around door to door looking for candy!


I speak english because both my parents are english , but when I go to grandmas shes french so she will be speaking french. I try and talk french but I can only say basic things. At home we (me, mom, dad, sister) all speak english.


The things that are important to me are my family because with out them id be lost , they take care of me and they love me, familys important because they have a stong connection with you and when your feeling down there always there to help you and make you feel better.