Green DeWitt

By Adam & T.J.


He was born on February 12, 1787 in Lincoln Ct. Kentucky

He died on May 18, 1835

About his Family

When he was an infant, his father moved him into a spanish-held territory in MIssouri.

When/Why he Wanted a Settlement in Texas

Green Dewitt and his partner, James Kerr, established their settlement in 1825. They wanted one to settle 4 hundred families. All of the Catholic religion.


  • There were too many settlers in his colony.
  • The Mexican Government thought he had a contract grant, not a temporary grant, therefore he got arrested.
  • Tried to have an agreement with the Tankawas and the Comanches. He agreed with the Tankawas, but not the Comanches.
  • Comanche raids in the colonies.
  • In 1830, the Mexican Government put up a law saying that they wouldn't let any settlers immigrate into Texas

His Success

Because of the family funds of the people in his settlement, his colony was becoming successful. There were now about 150 families living in his settlement. In 1835, he was then sent off to start a new colony.

Problematic Settlements

  • The Comanche Tribe
  • The Indians

Eyewitness from the Settlement

G.W. Davis to Mina on September 25, 1835