Les Classes de Mme Haselhorst

French 2 NCVPS

Unit 3!

You should be completing Unit 3 this week! Here are the Unit 3 objectives:

In Les Distractions you will:

  1. talk about your hobbies
  2. talk about sports and other pasttimes
  3. make comparison statements
  4. make superlative statements
  5. learn direct object pronouns and placement
  6. study another of France's regions


The Culture Assignment- you are not writing the essay! You are finding 5 pictures from the region, writing a caption and including the photo credit!

Mme Alexa Haselhorst

Please check in with me via IM! Text- 704-659-1879! Email- alexa.haselhorst@ncpublicschools.gov! or MES MESSAGES! I'm here to help!