Mrs. Houston's Weekly Update

Happy New Year!

Whew this week flew by! I thank you all for sending your children to school bright eyed and ready to learn on Tuesday. I was so impressed with their enthusiasm for being back in school. As usual, we had a great week getting back into our old routine - and even started learning some new routines.

One of our new routines happens at the beginning of the day. Every morning I will write a message for the students to read upon entering the classroom. In the message they will find an activity they are to begin/complete. The activity can be anything from studying spelling words to solving a Math problem. I would like these warm-ups to be a way for the students to get their brain ready to learn! At 8:15 we will begin our calendar time. It is important that students are at school on time so they do not miss the first activity of the day.

Another new routine will be our end of the week Reading tests. The students have a Weekly Test Booklet that contains tests based on everything learned in Reading for each week. This week I will not count the test as a grade, but next week I will. The tests can not be studied for, but are a reflection of whether or not the students have grasped the phonics/comprehension/writing skills of the week.

I have been so thrilled with our class's eagerness to learn. The children are always pleasure to teach. Their enthusiasm and energy is contagious. I missed them all so dearly over our winter break!

Important Dates

Monday, January 12 - Homework Packets Due
Friday, January 16 - Spelling Test
Monday, January 19 - MLK Day- NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, January 20 - THEN and NOW project and Homework packets due

AR Reading Goals

Don't forget about our AR Reading Goal of 85% or higher on 3 or more tests! If students achieve this goal, they will be rewarded next month with pizza, ice cream, and a dress down day!

Scholastic Orders Due January 20th!

If your child did not bring home a Scholastic Book Order pamphlet, please let me know! You may send in the paper order, or complete your order online by using the class activation code: NCCLW.


As mentioned in the last newsletter, we have begun implementing the school uniform policy in full force. This week students were not penalized with conduct points for not following the dress code. However, starting on Monday, students will be sent to Mrs. Campbell's office for any infractions. PLEASE READ BELOW!!

Here is a cheat sheet for the dress code:
Bottoms: NO cargo pants (pants with pockets on the legs) are to be worn. All students with belt buckles must wear a belt - brown or black only.
Shirts: All shirts MUST be tucked in at all times. Undershirts that can be seen must be the same color as the uniform shirt (if you are layering a long sleeved under a short sleeved).
Jackets: The only jacket that may be worn in the classroom is a uniform jacket or a uniform sweater with the school logo. All non-uniform jackets may only be worn during recess.
Shoes: Shoes must be closed toed and closed backs. Dress shoes must be black, brown, or navy. Athletic shoes must be predominately black, white, or gray. Laces must be black, brown, navy, or white - they cannot be any other color. There are NO light up shoes, NO cleats, NO boots, NO Uggs, and NO high heeled shoes.
Accessories: SOCKS MUST BE WHITE, KHAKI, GRAY, NAVY, or BLACK. No other colors or patterns are permitted. Students may NOT wear hats, gloves, scarves, or sweatbands in school.

All students are expected to be in full uniform each day, unless given a dress down day. If the student is not in proper uniform, the student will have to call their parent. The student will wait in the ISS room until his/her parent brings a proper uniform to change into. Students will receive conduct points for uniform infractions.

Spelling Words

afraid, how, again, read, few, soon, plan, planned, help, helped, drop, dropped, call, called, ask, asked

There will be a Spelling test Friday, January 16, 2015.

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