The Breuer Family

By: Kayla Breuer

Family Memory

The best family memory is traveling with my mom, but my favorite trip that I have been is Hawaii. I went to Hawaii because one of my friends was getting married. We had to take three airplanes to get there. 10 hours of flying total! When we got to Hawaii, the airport was outside. The hotel was also outside, it was cool. When we were there, we mostly swam or sat by the ocean. One day I will never forget, my mom and I were in the ocean and my mom was sitting on something. I said "What are you sitting on?" She grabbed my hand and put it where she was sitting on. I didn't feel anything. I bring my hand out of the water and my mom put my hand right on top of a male sea urchin, but she didn't know until she saw my hand. I had two big spikes coming out of my finger and three little spikes through my finger. My finger swelled to two times my normal finger size. You is still kind of see it today.


Kayla: What places have you lived?

Mom: Bismarck, Fargo, Devils Lake, sadly Grand Forks, and smaller towns in ND. Also two cities in Germany and a couple places in Texas and Minnesota. Additionally, Elgin, Illinois, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and a couple other places in Pennsylvania.

Kayla: What was your first car and how much?

Mom: A Ford Maverick and cost 200 dollars.

Kayla: What was your first concert and where?

Mom: ACDC in Philadelphia.

Kayla: What was your most memorable vacation?

Mom: When I was 10, we went to Denver, Colorado. In the hotel, they had an indoor/outdoor pool. First you can be indoors then you swim under a wall and you are outdoors.

Kayla: Did you have any pets?

Mom: Yes, he was a stray dog that was hanging around our house named Lucky.

Kayla: Did you play any sports?

Mom: I was a cheerleader for a basketball team.

Kayla: Did you play any instruments?

Mom: I was in band and played the flute.

Kayla: Where were you born?

Mom: Bismarck, ND.

Kayla: What did you want to be as a child and are you that?

Mom: I wanted to be an attorney and now I am a tax accountant.

Kayla: What was you first job and how old?

Mom: I was 16. I cleaned tables and washed dishes.

Top 10 best places my Mom and I have traveled (1/best)

1. Hawaii - Pearl Harbor

2. New York City - Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, 911 Memorial

3. Washington DC - Monuments, Holocaust Museum, White House, Capital Building, FBI Building

4. Las Vegas - New York, New York Roller Coaster, David Copperfield, Dolphin Show

5. Mexico - Mayan Ruins

6. Jamaica - climbed up a waterfall

7. Haiti - water slide

8. Baltimore - Inner Harbor and Aquarium and Old Ellicott City

9. Oklahoma City - Bombing memorial

10. Palm Springs, CA - water park and visiting friends