Professional Development Day!

Teachers, are you looking to use Google Apps?

Have you ever thought of making your classroom a digital haven for your students?

This week, Mr. Ryan Schupp will conduct a five day seminar on using Google programs and other Technologies that can enhance the way in which you teach and the way in which students learn and collaborate with each other!

Each seminar will be from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the computer lab. Grab a colleague and get to transforming your classroom into a 21st-century learning experience!

Seminars hosted by Soc. Studies Teacher and Tech Guru Mr. Schupp

Beginning this Monday and ending Friday

Monday - 4-7 PM

Tuesday - 4-7 PM

Wednesday - 4-7 PM

Thursday - 4-7 PM

Friday - 4-7 PM

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What is on tap for this professional development...

Google Docs - Take your writing into the 21st Century!

Google Forms - Effective feedback and surveys

Google Classroom - Transforming your class into a virtual one!

Screencast-O-Matic - Record your lessons and more!

EdPuzzle - Integration of videos and content w/ questions

Mr. Schupp's Bio

  • 6th year teacher
  • Current 10th Grade Social Studies teacher at PJHS
  • Chromebook laptop teacher since 2012-2013 (2 classes currently)
  • Professional Development experience
  • 6th year teacher