Civil War Battles

Zoe Lyon


Fort Sumter- The battle of fort Sumter took place in Charleston harbor, South Carolina, and was held on April 12-14th, of 1861, there were some very important leaders in this battle such as Major. Robert Anderson, who had only a force of 85 soldiers,they were but in a place called Fort Moultrie which was near Charleston Harbor. There were many other important part of this battle such as general P.G.T. Beauregard.

Antietam- The battle of Antietam took place in Washington country, or Maryland. The battle was held on September 16 - 18, of 1862. There were some very important leaders in this battle such as Robert E. Lee, what he did in this battle was the Army of the Potomac were planing to attack his force but Robert was able to get his troops into safe territory before they had a change to attack.

Vicksburg- The battle of Vicksburg took place in warren country, Mississippi. The battle was help on May 18-July 4, of 1863. There were also very any important leaders in this battle, such as Major General. Ulysses S. Grant, he’s armies were converged on Vicksburg, investing the city and entrapping Confederate army’s under Lt. Gen. John Pemberton. This start one of most brilliant military campaigns of the war.


Gettysburg- The Gettysburg took place in Adams country, Pennsylvania. The battle was help on July 1-3, of 1863. There we also some very brave leaders in this battle such as. Robert E. Lee in this battle he was waiting to approach the Union General George G. Meade’s and his force. But the Union success on July 1, and started to loss a lot of Confederates. They were also pushed back against the Iron Brigade and exploited a weak Federal line at Barlow’s Knoll.

Atlanta- The Atlanta battle took place in Fulton country, Georgia. The battle was held on July 22, of 1864. In the Atlanta battle there were some very important learner, such as, Confederate General, John Bell Hood He was trying to get Major Gen. William T. Sherman's forces from the outskirts of Atlanta. That night Major Gen. William T troops when on a mile march and John Bell Hood was paling to attack them but Hood's attack failed to knock them out of position.

Fort Fisher- The Fort Fisher battle was held on January 13-15, of 1865. In this battle there were some important leaders such as Fort Fisher, Major General Benjamin Butler. But during this battle he was relieved of his command, Major General Alfred Terry was placed in command of a “Provisional Corps,”. During this battle there were over 60 vessels to renew operations against the fort. But on January 13, David D. Porter Union forces landed and they were prepared to attack on Major General Robert Hoke’s. On the 15th, his forces moved in to fort from the rear. this soon lead to very bloody battle.

Appomattox Court House- The battle of Appomattox Court House took place in Appomattox country, Virginia. The battle was held on April 9, of 1865. All of the Federal troops were cut off from turning south, SO they headed west, then they soon reached Appomattox station. There was food and supplies there waiting for the troops. The confederates were soon cut off again and they were almost surrounded by the union troops, around a little village Appomattox Court House.
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