Staying In-the-Know

with Mrs. Drayton

Dutch Fork Elementary School The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


VIP Folders & Reminders

  • weekly work (analyzing themes post-assessment)
  • report cards

  • 11/2 Report Cards Issued
  • 11/3 Tag of Honor Ceremony @10:05-10:55 am
  • 11/3 PTO Movie Night @ 5:30-8 pm (Emoji Movie)
  • 11/5 Daylight Saving Time Ends (clocks back one hour)
  • 11/6 Student Holiday
  • 11/10 Veteran's Day Observation
  • 11/17 Cursive Pages 14-24 Due
  • 11/22-11/24 Thanksgiving Break
  • 11/30 November Reading Goals Due

Literacy Corner

Story Mountains & Themes

Identifying key points of the plot and themes from the text was a way for us to celebrate the conclusion of our narrative reading unit. Your kiddos truly worked hard to understand texts. I hope that you have seen a shift at home as your reader is working to think in new ways! Some shifts you may want to look for:

  • finding ways to track their thinking (sticky notes or using a notebook)
  • stopping to talk about confusing parts of the story (self-monitoring...this is huge!)
  • stopping to talk when they have an emotional reaction to the text (excited, surprised, mad, sad)
  • explaining why they think what they do
  • going back to predictions they made earlier in the story
  • noticing the characters actions, dialogue, and thinking

Excitement for book clubs still exists in our classroom. Take this opportunity to build on this enthusiasm to read at home. Start a book club as a family! I can't wait to hear from those families that begin their own book clubs.

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Building Stamina

Families, thank you so much for all of your support for the learning that happens at DFES each day. We completed our analyzing themes (narrative) post-assessment last Thursday. We were able to celebrate many new skills we have learned, such as, identifying themes and using evidence and evidence based language in our responses. However, we also noticed that stamina is a struggle for us. Please review your child's post-assessment with them. Notice all of the ways your reader/writer has grown and give tons of praise because we have come such a long way! After you celebrate, take time to talk with your reader/writer about how they plan to continue growing as they respond to text. What is their plan? One of our goals as a group is to build stamina by reading on the bus, read in the car, read before bed, read to the family, read during any and all down time! As a group we were so tired from reading a new text and responding to it, that we were not able to write enough to show our understanding. Please help with this by making sure your reader is reading as much as possible at home. As always, thank you for your continued support!!

Westward Expansion Unit of Study

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Informational Reading & Writing

We are beginning new units in reading and writing. Your kiddos were excited to choose their expert topics, last week. We will use our interests to grow as readers and writers to teach others. Stay tuned for upcoming newsletters that include guiding questions and suggestions to help your readers and writers.

Veteran's Day

Next Friday, our school will take time to honor our veterans. We want to be certain that our historians understand the sacrifices our veterans make in order for us to have the rights we do as American citizens. Although we are going to take time to study and celebrate the work of veterans in our class through read aloud like America's White Table and responses, we would love to bring this to life by having photos or letters from family members. So, we would greatly appreciate it if you could enhance our learning! If you have a veteran please send in a photo so that your child can tell a bit about him or her. If you have a veteran in your family who would be willing to send us a letter about what being a veteran means to them and their experience we would LOVE that! Thank you in advance for any and all contributions. We are looking forward to a day of honoring our veterans.

Transcontinental Railroad Impact on the Environment

We created models as a visual representation to show our understanding of how the railroad impacted the environmental. Our historians were concerned environmentalists and focused on the negative impacts like:

  • air and water pollution
  • depletion of natural resources
  • killing of bison
  • ruining the land

They were passionate about the connections between transportation impacts between the past and the present. We had lots of questions of the impact of trains today on the environment.

We will continue our study by considering the multiple perspectives of people traveling west. Please continue to encourage your child to study every night.

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