Running Erry day

Is it bad for you to run everyday?

The Running Low Down

We all know running can do great things for you like getting that summer body you've always wanted, but can you run too much? Research shows that running everyday can actually have a negative impact on the body.
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Why running everyday is bad

Though running everyday seems like a good goal to set, it can actually harm you. Running every day can put a lot of stress on your joints and bones. With stress building up on those joints used everyday in running, it can lead up to a serious or minor injury. No one wants to get an injury and that injury could drastically effect would you are training towards.


It is advised to rest perhaps every other so the muscles and joints used can grow stronger and heal up. If you are an all out type of person and are too good for rest there are other things you can do. If you want to keep training on your "off days" then do a lighter cardio workout that uses different muscles and not so much the legs and joints used in running. This way you are still training but not putting as much strain on your body.