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ToCanvas is the UK's best canvas printing provider, specialising in collage maker, collage canvas photos and collage canvas prints. Our unique tool is easy to use and free.

When special birthdays come along, it can be pretty difficult to know what to buy. 21st, 40th or 50th birthdays call for something a little more special. But how do you find a great gift without breaking the bank? Simple! Photo to Canvas Collage prints are ideal for special birthdays or any occasion at all! Although single image canvas prints look incredible, when buying as a gift you could run the risk of choosing an image the person isn’t really fond of (we all have them, everyone else says you look great, you think you look like a heifer so on and so forth). With a Photo to Canvas Collage you can choose a number of images (they are sure to like the majority). For a special birthday you could even create a ‘year in the life of’ Photo to Canvas Collage of their best moments from the previous year. Or a ‘this is your life’ Photo to Canvas Collage starting from their baby pictures. The same principal applies to special wedding anniversaries, wedding gifts and a multitude of occasions.

Printed on luxury cotton with anti-aging ink Photo to Canvas Collage prints are built to last, so you can be sure you are giving a gift they can cherish for a lifetime. Some Photo to Canvas Collage websites even have the option to create a Photo to Canvas Collage in the shame of intials or even animals for great kid Photo to Canvas Collages.