How to Update Your Member Profile

or..."I Can't Get Into This Thing!"

Upon going to, click the “Login” button under Member Login:
At the “ORGANIZATION LOGIN” screen, you will enter your login ID and password. If you know your login information enter it on the screen below and then skip ahead to the next step. If you need to look up/forgotten your information, click on either the link to look up your information OR click on the link below to see if you have a username by entering your email address.
Either option above will take you to this screen. Please enter your email address to be sent your information or to have it shown on the screen:

Once you have your login information, you will enter it as shown on the first screen. When your information is validated your profile screen will come up looking something similar to the image below.

Click the hyperlinks in the middle of the page for members only information. To Edit Your Profile, please begin by clicking on the blue button to the right to make sure your basic information is correct!

Once your within your member profile page, you can:

  • Update all your contact, employment, work setting and level information
  • Indicate your preferences as to where you would like to be contacted via mail and email
  • Indicate if you would like to a part of the member directory and what information you would like shared in the directory
  • Upload a picture for the directory
  • Search for other VSCA members
  • Utilize the Events, Members and Resources tabs

By keeping your member information up to date, you make it easier for us to serve you. You will be better informed about professional development opportunities and we can target announcements to specific work settings and levels in order to keep you from being inundated with information not pertinent to you.