Why do people do drugs?

The greatest drug of all is life

Why do drug-addicted persons keep using drugs?

Most people think they could stop when they want some people try to stop WITHOUT treatment.Long-term drug use results in significant changes in brain function that can persist long after the individual stops using drugs

How much do people spend on drugs?

estimated at between 5 and 6 million have more serious drug habits, and may spend $100-$500 dollars a week on purchasing their drugs. The hardcover users together with the casual users spend spend around $60 billion a year.

Most used drugs

What are the physical signs of abuse or addiction?

someone who abuses marijuana may have a chronic cough or worsening of asthmatic symptoms. Each drug has short-term and long-term physical effects. Stimulants like cocaine increase heart rate and blood pressure, whereas opioids like heroin may slow the heart rate and reducerespiration

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