Sam Houston

His life and the war

Sam Houston's Birth and Death

Sam Houston was born in Virginia, march 2nd, 1793. He died in Huntsville, Texas, in July, 1863.


Sam spent most of his childhood in the mountains of Tennessee. There, he met the Cherokee indians, who he spent most of his time with. When the second war (of the Texas revolution) with England came along, Sam enlisted as a private, and became a sergeant for a company. He got better (excelled) in the military and quickly got the respect of many of his men. He was a young man then.

Who were his early influences?

The Cherokee indians and president Lincoln both had a big impact on Sam. Many of his doings were influenced by the two. Lincoln taught him a lot of political and life lessons, while the Cherokee taught him how to survive and everything they knew.

The battle

After three wounds that could have easily caused death at the battle of Horseshoe bend, he got moved up to the rank of Lieutenant before resigning in 1818 to study law. He was elected Governor of Tennesee.

So why is he so famous?

Sam Houston led the army ( the Gonzales men ) to victory at the battle of San Jacinto. Santa Anna had unwisely split up his army, and Houston ran into a group of 700 men. They either killed them or captured the men, including Santa Anna. Finally, they forced him to sign a treaty giving Texas independence.

Mr. America

Of course Spain made attempts to re-take Texas, but the decision had been made. Texas was independent. Houston was elected the first president of the republic of Texas in 1836. He was elected again in 1841. He was a worthy president, attempting to make peace with Mexico and native americans living in Texas. Mexico attacked twice in 1842 and Houston worked for a peaceful solution.

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