UltraViolet Waves

By: Brookelyn Boston


Ultraviolet are invisible waves that the human eye can't see. Some insects can see them, like bumblebees, but no human can see UV waves. Ultraviolet is stronger than Visible Light but weaker than X-rays. Could you think of uses for UV waves?

Want to know a little more about UV Waves?

The Technology associated with UV Waves

New Technology related to UV Waves

Last 2011, Purdue University researchers invented a prototype water-disinfection system that could help the world's 800 million people who lack safe drinking water. The system uses the Sun's UV radiation to kill bacteria in drinking water.The date of discovery is 2011 and Ernest R. Blatchley III,a professor of civil engineering, invented the system to use Solar UV to disinfect drinking water. The process starts when you put the water in front of the parabolic reflector, the Sun reflects off the reflector onto the water, which wipes out the bacteria. Heat removes bacteria. The heat gets too hot that the bacteria disappears or vanishes.

Instruments Involved with Disinfecting Drinking Water

How do you use a Parabolic Reflector? Sunlight is captured by a parabolic reflector and focused onto the item in the middle which heats up the item. The heat from the Sun cleans the bacteria out of the water.

How has this impacted the world?

This new technology has impacted the world to start thinking about drinking safe water. Instead of drinking unsanitized water, inventors have invented many different ways to keep our water clean.

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The link below shows how Parabolic Reflectors work and how water from a water bottle can get very hot in the amount of seconds. He had cool water in a water bottle and he put the bottle against the reflector and the water turned boiling hot.