K5C Friday Features

Weekly Newsletter January 15

LET'S RRREAD! is in full swing!

I would love to reward the Munchkindoodles for 100% class participation! In order for the children to receive their first sticker for their button and receive a prize, the red slip for this week of reading for 25 minutes must be filled out and signed and returned to the office on Monday, January 18. Of course, you are welcome to include it in the returned Friday folder. I will be looking for those red slips! Reading less than 25 minutes will not count toward the contest and slips returned after 3:30 on Monday are not eligible.

Bible News

We began a unit this week on God’s Helpers, which will take us from Joshua to Jonah. This week we focused on Joshua and David.

Memory Verse: Joshua 1:9

Language Arts News

This week we have discussed hiking and mountains. We talked about volcanoes and are thankful that we do not live near any of those! We even did an experiment using vinegar and baking soda in a volcano model. I know your child will enjoy sharing this information with you! Some people who live in the Smokey Mountains have a special type of music called mountain music which is played on some unique instruments.

For Homework Review:

We are now beginning blends at the beginning of words. It is vitally important to continue reviewing at home so that children get the extra practice in this next step in reading.

We introduced the blends st, gr, sp, and br.

New words with st: stick, stuck, Stan, stand, still, stop, stuff, stack, stock

New words with gr: grand, Greg, grill

New words with sp: spit, spin, spun, speck, spill, spot, spent

New words with br: brick, Brad, brand, brag, Brent

Service Word: was (in folder)

New Phonics Stories: Stan and Kim ; Spin and Spin(in Friday folder)

Math News

The students enjoyed working to solve addition equations using caterpillars, pennies and unifix cubes this week. We are adding to the sum of 6. We are counting to 90 by ones and tens.

February 1st will be the 100th Day of School. Please have your child start thinking of 100 items he can bring to share with his classmates that day. Information sheets are in the weekly Friday folders today.


Friday, January 22: The prairie or Native Americans


Any video or pictures that are sent to you are for your personal enjoyment. For the safety of our students, we ask that they not be posted online or distributed in any way.

Thank you for your kind understanding.